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Posted in Products on 4 May, 2020

Marc Wood Studio is a British lighting brand with a difference. Founded by designer Marc Wood in 2014, the studio creates contemporary designs that champion world-class heritage craft. With a network of global partnerships, including glass-blowers in the Czech Republic, stonemasons from Portugal and metal engineers from the U.K., cross-cultural collaboration is at the core of the brand’s mission.

Applying a contemporary aesthetic, the studio reframes the processes of skills developed over centuries by craftspeople, to create luxury lighting collections that can be enjoyed by both present and future generations.

The timeless designs favour a simple, elegant aesthetic that remove unnecessary details and celebrate the materiality. Marc explains: “When designing it’s important to distil a concept down to its essential characteristics to ensure that the message is as clear as possible. The paradox is that achieving simplicity can often be the most difficult thing of all.”

Born to an English mother and a Czech father, and raised between London and Prague, Marc’s passion for heritage craft is deep-rooted in his ancestral ties.​ ​His family originates from Northern Bohemia, a region in the Czech Republic with a rich history in glass production and his ancestor, Frans Wais, was the brother-in-law and business partner of Daniel Swarovski. Together they created and patented the first electric glass crystal cutting machine that revolutionised the glass industry.

Inspired by his heritage, glass remains the primary material in his designs and much of the work gets produced in the next village on from his grandparent’s farmhouse to this day. Marc elucidates: “My work draws on the skills of the best craftspeople I can find. Over the years I have nurtured great connections with our artisans and I feel a deep sense of responsibility towards them and the communities that their crafts support”.

Designed and assembled in north London, there are five ranges in the collection, each with customisable designs, including ceiling lights, wall lights and floor lamps, to elevate a variety of interior spaces.

New to the market is the new Rosa collection which has been designed to showcase the opaque beauty of natural marble. Featuring a singular pendant light that can form a tiered chandelier, the design incorporates a backlit Rosa Aurora marble disc that emits a soft, warm illumination, pierced by the natural veining of the stone. The double-faced LED base creates an additional glow with reflections and light play framed in a crystal glass sphere.

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