Cork Wall Tiles in Surprising Forms

Posted in Products on 1 April, 2019

Designed by famed interior designer, Marco Carini, Bebop is a brand-new design in Granorte’s 3D Forms cork wall tile collection.

Using an imposing black agglomerated cork, Bebop is certainly a statement wall finish, designed to work in combination across two panel sizes and three different thicknesses. Mixing between the combinations catches the light, causing shadows and highlights that add an extra dimension to the striking black cork finish.

With Corkguard® water-based protection from water and stains for an easy to maintain finish, Bebop is not only beautiful but functional too. Using cork’s excellent acoustic and thermal benefits, Bebop is an enduring wall tile that is natural, renewable and sustainable.

“The 3D Forms collection offers surprising three-dimensional structures cut from agglomerated cork,” explains Paulo Rocha, product and technical manager, Granorte. “Made possible thanks to cork’s light weight, the structures bring a new dimension to wall surfaces while retaining the tactility of natural materials.”

Granorte uses waste cork from the wine stopper industry to make the 3D forms collection. Cork trees can live for up to 300 years and have their bark harvested every nine or so years, waiting for it to grow back fully before being stripped again. The hand-process is low-impact and causes no damage to the tree, making cork-based products a truly sustainable and long-term renewable resource.

Bebop is available in 300mm x 900mm and 150mm x 900mm panel sizes in thickness of 3mm, 6mm and 9mm. Glued directly onto the wall, the lightweight tiles are formaldehyde-free, PVC-free and phthalates-free. Featuring alongside Pyramid, Aztec and Ramp in the 3D Forms collection, Bebop comes with a lifetime warranty.

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