de Sede surprises with 14 innovations and a new product line

Posted in Products on 29 January, 2019

At this year’s imm cologne, the world-famous interior fair, the manufacture de Sede presented its new collection for 2019 with its subsidiary brand FSM. Innovative sofas, armchairs, tables, dining chairs, poufs and semi-outdoor furniture were presented in a stylish booth concept that has been well thought out down to the last detail. Highlights were the FSM Pli rotation armchair, the height-adjustable pouf DS-5050 and the revolutionary DS-343 dining chair. The Swiss manufacture also launched an entirely novelty: a custom made mattress made do measure in Klingnau.

From January 14 to 20 2019, numerous furniture dealers, architects, clients and journalists from all over the world had the occasion to admire the new collection at the 490 square meters booth. CEO Monika Walser is very delighted with the fair summary: ‘Our new products were received very well by the visitors. In particular, the high number of new products has been praised, as well as the very successful stand concept. I am also very proud of the launch of our new de Sede mattresses. Those have been intensively tested and received many compliments.’

Mattress launch event

The new de Sede mattresses were launched ceremoniously on the second day of the fair with a media event. Monika Walser opened the event, followed by a lecture of the renowned sleep physician Dr. Riccardo Stoohs. Afterwards, de Sede production manager Arben Mehmeti presented the new mattress.

Award for the DS-5050 pouf

The height-adjustable pouf DS-5050, that has been designed by the Austrian Kai Stania, has been awarded by ‘Stylepark’ with the Stylepark Selected Award. Every year, the online platform for architecture and design products, awards the most interesting new products of imm cologne.

The new products
de Sede
DS-80 semi-outdoor
The daybed DS-80 has established itself as a timeless de Sede classic ever since it was launched in 1969. Now weatherproof, this classic presents itself as a semi-outdoor product. Made of outdoor foam, the mattress is covered by the outdoor-tested fabrics DS-CIRRUS or DS-CUMULUS. Outdoor-resistant sipo wood is used to craft the frame.

DS-343 dining & conference Chair

Our DS-343 sitting revolution takes the shape of a dining and conference chair. The new chair model is a further development of the armchair DS-343 that will now also conquer the dining and office areas with noticeably optimized seating comfort. DS-343 Chair comes equipped with the same ergonomic knowledge, but it has a higher seat and a shorter, more slender backrest.

DS-760 pouf

‘Less is more’ is the motto for the pouf DS-760. The stool is minimalist in design, with a high-quality leather cover that hugs a cylindrical structure. The elegant inset double seam on the side creates a beautiful accent. The design stems from the GECKELER MICHELS designer duo who already created the compact sofa model DS-840 for de Sede.

DS-840 sofa

How can you integrate maximum functionality in a minimal sofa design? Known for its strong awareness of international esthetics, the GECKELER MICHELS designer duo shows how it’s done with the model DS-840. DS-840 presents itself with a very compact appearance. The special feature of this clear-of-the-ground model lies in its hidden functions.

DS-1088 sofa

DS-1088 presents itself with a beautiful special feature. The leather is elaborately crafted by hand in a patchwork appearance – for an individually stylish look. The sofa landscape consists of single cubic elements that can be combined with one another in infinite ways.

DS-1103 mattress

We have been working as upholstery experts for almost 60 years. So why shouldn’t we also implement this knowledge into the development of mattresses? We asked ourselves this question two years ago, and then created a mattress that is made only from the most exclusive materials, and developed and hand-made to measure specifically for each individual customer. The de Sede mattress is made from horsehair, cotton, alpaca, cashmere and camel wool as well as of fine silk from the tussah silkworm that lives in the wild.

DS-1151&1152 bed

The epitome of a box spring bed. A leather-covered head section with hand-sewn seams merges with a box of mattress and topper to create a bed of the luxury class. The shape of the substructure is reminiscent of a boat, lending the bed an inspiring look to the sides. These elegant contours are echoed in the leather head section, creating a very harmonious design.

DS-1155 bed

Impressive NECK is particularly generous on DS-1155: the whole bed is precisely and skillfully wrapped in it. The striking folds of the leather are especially beautiful on the bedhead section. The transitions from the bedhead to the mattress are equally successful, and here are seen in luxurious folds as never been seen before on the market.

DS-3011 coffee tables

The idea behind the coffee table DS-3011 is irresistibly simple: the use of different materials lends the coffee table an impressive flair. The tabletop is covered by a beautiful strip of high-quality leather, and the top itself is made of dark glass. The deep architecture further underscores the exquisite language of design and makes the tables look as if they were floating through the room.

DS-5050 pouf

The pouf DS-5050 comes as a surprise! Its avant-garde design conceals a particularly practical feature: DS-5050 can grow continuously in height, by up to 11.5 cm, by means of a fine leather strap. The impressive design of DS-5050 is based on a leather bellows. With the de Sede DNA in mind, the designer Kai Stania sought to show as much leather as possible. At the same time, he wanted to conceal the height-adjustment feature in the best way possible.

DS-167 sofa with DS-VELOUR cushions

DS-167 is the smart further development of the famous DS-164. The design is based on a modular seating system in which the backrests can be shifted at will by 360° using a patented sliding system. Newly available in 2019 are the attached back cushions in DS-VELOUR velvet. These provide special highlights as a complement to the leather-covered body.

PLI armchair
The chair Pli consists of two armchair parts, each rotating about its own axis. Thanks to the option of dual rotation the armchair can fulfill a variety of functions and surprises the person seated with unimagined flexibility. Depending on how the two chair parts are rotated relative to one another, the armchair can be used with an armrest, a footrest or an intelligent shelf. The needs and demands of the person seated are virtually limitless.

REX armchair

The armchair Rex revolutionizes the act of sitting. Like the de Sede model DS-343, the armchair Rex is based on a patented seat study developed over the last two decades by seat expert and physical therapist Bart Van der Heyden. Rex is an armchair that moves with the movements of the person seated. Changes in posture are not just permitted but even encouraged.

JUNA sofa

Juna is quite clearly a clever symbiosis between elegant form and functionality. The sofa has slender legs that support a seat with two delicate upholstered layers. This charming construction has a harmonious appeal, and adds an unmistakable style to the living space. Yet the graceful appearance conceals a surprising amount of flexibility.

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