Posted in Products on 24 November, 2017


For its 2017 collection, Dedar explores the relationship between visual expression and textile art through contemporary fabrics produced on jacquard looms. Five new patterns: Pachisi, Geometic Pic Nic, Manifesto Futurista, Intarsiato and Domino nod to nostalgic, abstract designs through playful geometric patterns in bright, saturated colours with touches of metallic.


The bold and recognisable geometric patterns of 1950s abstract art are recreated on this wool and cotton upholstery fabric. Playful and labyrinthine, the design is the result of a complex manufacturing process, which combines yarns of different blends and thicknesses. Colour variants include warm Kenya, cool Oslo and metallic Déco.


Luxe metallics form the colour palette of this Futurist-inspired jacquard design. Geometric shapes give this lampas an elegant and playful feel that is reminiscent of oriental lacquers, rich in texture and effects.


The three-dimensional and monochrome geometric design evoking refined inlays of ebony and mother-of-pearl is fruit of the technical expertise deployed in the alternate use of metallic and bulky matt yarns on a satin ground.


Using both chain stitch and rattail, Geometric Pic Nic takes inspiration from African tribal motifs that are executed in fine embroidery onto a robust hessian ground. Four bright and contrasting shades recall the fifties-style palette of Gio Ponti.


The distinctive characteristic of this fabric is the simplicity of its pattern combined with the sumptu­ousness of rattail cord alternated with cotton using the fil a fil technique. Available in eight yarn-dyed colour variants.

The full collection can now be seen at the UK showroom in the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre.


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