Posted in Products on 4 January, 2019

The table is an everyday piece of furniture that we live with daily, around which we spend time with family, friends, colleagues and clients. It’s for that very reason that tables are such an important element within the GANDIABLASCO outdoor furniture collections. And because of that we believe that a table should also be a beautiful object as well as being a practical one. Comfortable but also robust. Elegant but enduring.

The partnership between GANDIABLASCO, the company that specialises in designer furniture and outdoor spaces and the Cosentino Group, manufacturer of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, signifies an important step forwards in the coming together of beauty and durability in the design of outdoor furniture. The material that makes it possible is Dekton®, one of Cosentino’s most emblematic products.

Dekton® is a highly durable material developed exclusively by the I+D department of Cosentino, made using their own patented technology known as TSP (Synthesising Particle Technology) making use of organic products such as the soil and its minerals; a production process that uses an accelerated version of high pressure and temperature exposure that nature itself applies over the millennia in order to produce natural stone. The result is a material that is very low maintenance and lasts forever that hardly absorbs any water, maintaining its colour and performing excellently in any kind of climate. Qualities that are ideally suited for the outdoor furniture collections that are designed and manufactured by GANDIABLASCO.

The SOLANAS collection by GANDIABLASCO, designed in collaboration with architect and designer Daniel Germani, that was launched at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2018, has been a pioneering application of the ultra-compact technology of Dekton® by Cosentino in its tables and armrests. After the warm reception and success of Solanas the material was added to the FLAT collection, designed specifically for outdoor spaces, as well as TIMELESS; the firm’s most elegant and classic collection of outdoor furniture designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and architect Borja García, inspired by the Rationalist style architecture of the beginning of the 20th century. For the surfaces of the JIAN collection tables the outdoor furniture collection designed by architects Neri&Hu the durability and resistance of Dekton® can also be appreciated.

Why use Dekton® for these outdoor tables?

A table should be a hard wearing element. Especially when it comes to a designer table for the outdoors for which the choice of material is crucial. Over recent years Dekton® which is actually harder wearing than Silestone, has been used for applications requiring great resistance such as for building façades, bathrooms and kitchens. The outdoor designs of GANDIABLASCO aim to offer the same durability and capacity to withstand the elements.

Dekton® provides greater durability to the TIMELESS, SOLANAS, FLAT and JIAN collections, the incorporation of this highly resistant material to humidity, to contact with water or sudden changes in temperature. In fact it hardly requires any maintenance at all.

Tables that offer quality and resistance, designed for integrating within any outdoor environment just like the very rocks and mountains that inspire the material.

The colour possibilities of Dekton® in GANDIABLASCO

GANDIABLASCO has incorporated Dekton® within its collections featuring nine different colours: Danae (sandy tones), Radium (rust), Zenith (pure white), Aura (an homage to the Calacatta and Carrara marble), Sirocco (stone), Ventus (light grey), Galema (green with brownish undertones), Korus (solid greenish grey) and Domoos (graphite black). Another of the characteristics that differentiates Dekton® is that being an ultra-compact material its true colour never fades even over prolonged exposure to sun and rain.

Together with all its other qualities Dekton is a highly respectful material in terms of the environment and has received a Greenguard certificate guaranteeing that the product complies with the most rigorous regulations regarding chemical emissions during its manufacture.

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