Designing for the elements…

Posted in Products on 14 February, 2019

JC Hospitality undertook an incredible challenge with The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi project. Commissioned to design and manufacture all of the upholstery and case goods throughout the public areas, dining rooms, outdoor lounges, and villas, they had just one rule to follow… the designs must represent the local tropical island elements whilst maintaining the high end, luxurious style that guests are accustomed to.

The challenge was met head on, and there was a great deal of research and new techniques that went into over 200 unique designs, especially for the outdoor items. Being located in the remote rainforests of Langkawi, Malaysia, a major concern was weather damage, termites, fungus, and erosion; therefore, the materials had to be chosen with extreme caution and extensive testing. JC Hospitality’s own factory had never produced any outdoor furniture prior to this project, but was ready to keep their high standards and attention to detail consistent. This allowed growth on the design and manufacturing end, whilst still being able to output beautiful products for a top hotel group. The best team to learn from is one who’s requirements are five-star; the collaboration between the architects and the JC Hospitality team proved invaluable.

The superb end result was an array of remarkable mixed materials combined to encapsulate the natural beauty, culture and luxury of the location overlooking the Andaman Sea and surrounded by a 10-million-year-old rainforest. JC Hospitality’s furniture concepts contributed to the five-star resort’s ability to blend contemporary style with traditional touches.

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