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Posted in Products on 31 July, 2020

Discover Barrisol Clim®, the solution for both heating and cooling air conditioning via the ceiling itself – visually and aurally imperceptible, combined with unrivalled comfort, from the world market leader in stretched ceilings.

Barrisol offers solutions for walls and ceilings: acoustic, illuminated, printed, 3D forms and air-conditioning. Its range of products can enhance any space, highlighting Barrisol’s proficient and innovative approach.

Barrisol® is present in more than 110 countries and is always close to its clients thanks to its network of 1200 approved Barrisol® installers. Innovation, aesthetics, quality and preservation of the environment are its key priorities.

Since the creation of the company 53 years ago, Barrisol® has filed more than 100 patents and has received over 50 awards globally. Barrisol® was awarded first place in both Sustainability and Energy Efficiency at the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 contest for its Barrisol Clim® system, in partnership with Baitykool. During Euroshop 2020 Barrisol Clim® also received the Special Jury award at the AIT Innovationspreis Architektur + Präsentation.

Barrisol Clim® is a revolutionary air-conditioning system which utilises the ceiling surface alone, invisible, silent and uniform. It allows you to eliminate all those unattractive items of equipment, and free up all the space in your rooms. All your rooms are heated, air- conditioned and ventilated in total silence and with no perceptible draughts.

The Barrisol Clim® system offers unrivalled comfort. You’ll be surrounded by a gentle feeling of coolness or warmth wherever you are in your room. This system is able to obtain in every configuration a AAA for cool air and a AAA for warm air in accordance with the ISO 7730 standard.

With a complete product range Barrisol® solutions provide the freedom to create any design:

The Barrisol Acoustics® line is composed of micro-perforated membranes which absorb sound and reduce noise pollution in public or private spaces. These membranes reduce the resonance effect and improve acoustic environments up to an αw of 1,0.

Barrisol® offers various illuminated surfaces and acoustic solutions without shadows:

  •   Acoustic Light®
  •   Acoustic 3D
  •   Acoustic Mirror®
  •   Acoustic Clim®
  •   Acoustic Print your mind®
  •   Acoustic Walls
  •   Acoustic Arcolis® custom made panels
  •   Acoustic Artolis® frames


3D Shapes, thanks to the unique characteristics of the profiles and membranes developed by Barrisol®, the creation and realisation of various geometric and 3 dimensional shapes are achievable.

Print you Mind® allows the reproduction on Barrisol® membranes in any types of patterns, images or logos.

All Barrisol® membranes can incorporate acoustics, illumination and printing. They are 100% recyclable, rated A+ for indoor air quality (exceptionally low VOC emissions) and classified B- s1-D0 and B-s2-D0 for fire certification. Guaranteed free of phthalates and without any toxic substances. All ceilings are CE-certified.

Barrisol® considers the impact on the environment – Sustainability is one of the core values of our company.

All membranes and profiles are 100% recyclable and can be sent back to us for recycling. No water is used during the manufacturing process of the membranes and profiles. Our profiles are made with at least 80% recycled aluminium (post-consumer) and our range ‘The Recycled’ is made from 50% of the recycled material received from previous Barrisol® installations.

100% of the electricity used at the Barrisol® factory comes from renewable energy and a continuous process of reducing waste in the factory as well as at construction sites has been implemented.

Barrisol® stretch ceilings are very light (180g/m2 – about 5% of other ceiling materials), easily transported and fast to install, making the cost of transport and energy usage very low. Barrisol® membranes are recyclable, do not need to be painted and their durability exceeds 20 years, in addition there is almost no waste when the ceiling is mounted.

Photography: © COPYRIGHT 2009 – 2020 BARRISOL NORMALU S.A.S.
From left to right: Novotel, Leicester, England – Barrisol Gold Mirror ®Arch.: LeachRhodesWalker – The Deluxe Group
Novotel, Leicester, England – Barrisol Gold Mirror ®Arch.: LeachRhodesWalker – The Deluxe Group
JW Marriott, Marco Island, USA – Barrisol Acoustics ®Arch.: HKS

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