Dornbracht creates a feel-good experience at the Priesteregg Premium Eco Resort in Salzburgerland

Posted in Products on 3 April, 2024

Dornbracht fittings were chosen to enhance the spa experiences and bathrooms at The Priesteregg Premium Eco Resort, an exclusive refuge for body, mind and soul sitting at a height of 1100 metres in Salzburgerland.

15 chalets and three villas make up this small mountain village, which is surrounded by a luxuriant flora of mountain pines, Alpine roses, and bilberry bushes. Owned by the Oberlader family for more than 200 years, it was important to adopt a conservationist approach to running the resort. The designers responsible for this – the W2 Manufaktur studio and architect Ulrich Stöckl – put their faith in interiors that combine a rustic, Alpine style, with modern luxury. Products from Dornbracht come into play in the three villas, as well as in the public spa area.

Upstairs bathroom in Villa Etaner. Vaia fittings in Brushed Platinum round off the wellbeing experience. Photographer: Günter Standl (above and top)

Villa Etaner: at one with nature
Villa Etaner’s architecture merges directly into the hillside where it is built. Clay-plastered walls and numerous wooden elements create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Dornbracht provided a double Horizontal Shower with a massage feature in the bathroom, directed towards couples. Vaia appears in Brushed Platinum on a washstand that looks as if it has been cut directly from a rock face. Upstairs, the bedroom seamlessly transitions into another bathroom: Vaia also appears in Brushed Platinum on the washstand, and as a freestanding fitting by the bath, in front of full-length glass windows. An Aquamoon experience shower with fascinating mood lighting rounds off the wellbeing experience against a harsh, natural setting.

Villa Etaner: The Horizontal Shower in the downstairs bathroom: the shower with a massage feature is designed exclusively for couples. Vaia in Brushed Platinum appears on the washstand. Photographer: Günter Standl

Villa Wossa: highlight with a natural bathing pond
Surrounded by a biotope with reed beds and a natural bathing pond, the Villa Wossa appears equally comfortable and distinctive. Natural materials such as old wood, linen, and stone determine the indoor ambience for the spacious living area, the Alpine open plan kitchen and living area, and pine bedroom. The geometrical, C-shaped spout of CYO in the open bathroom has been providing contrast to the coarse textures of the natural stone washstand since 2022. The Brushed Durabrass (23kt Gold) finish adds a touch of luxury to the ensemble.

Villa Wossa: In the open bathroom, CYO in Brushed Durabrass (23kt Gold) provides a dramatic contrast to the natural stone washstand. Photographer: Günter Standl

Wilderer Villa: an open, organic architecture
The design of the Wilderer Villa sits at the edge of the forest. Guests can look through the wide glass facade on the ground floor to enjoy the view over the Alpine meadows and dark, coniferous forests. Along with the hanging fireplace, the imposing copper bath and freestanding Vaia fitting in Brushed Dark Platinum make an attractive duo. A spiral staircase leads to the sleeping accommodation, where natural stone basins each have a Vaia leaning over them. The Brushed Dark Platinum finishes harmonise discreetly with the wooden vaulting, finding an elegant counterpart in the dark knotholes.

Priesteregg Bath: a sustainable wellness retreat
A sustainably designed wellness retreat accompanies the chalets: With its planted flat roof, covered sun deck and an infinity pool, the Priesteregg Bath blends seamlessly into the Alpine landscape. Various Dornbracht products – such as the affusion pipe for Kneipp applications – are found here and play a part in invigorating the body and mind.


About Dornbracht
Based in Iserlohn, Dornbracht is the leading specialist supplier of superior designer fittings and
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