Eat, pink and be merry: Formica at Barceló Málaga Hotel

Posted in Products on 28 April, 2020

Barceló Málaga Hotel is a stylish destination for business and leisure travellers alike. The bustling city centre is just a stone’s throw away and the beach is within walking distance.

This stunning ground floor renovation included the reception, bar/restaurant, and lobby. The project was planned and executed by ILmio Design who specified Formica laminate in complementary tones with a tropical feel including deep turquoise (F7846, Grotto) and opulent gold (M2042, Brushed Gold Aluminium) to create bespoke furniture to dress the space.

Elements of the original interior have been rejuvenated through the striking use of colour to accentuate the pre-existing architectural details. The new colour scheme is reminiscent of a beach sunset evoking a real sense of escape in a tropical paradise through the harmonious combination of sparkling pinks, turquoise, and gold.

The hotel bar area, the Gastrobar La Santa María, is identified by a series of golden slats that create a sense of warmth and grandeur with trailing plants linking it to the prevalent biophilic trend. The beautifully designed bar commands attention and forms the focal point of the room. The bar is complete with striking bespoke shelving designed specifically for the space by ILmio Design.

The renovated space has an energising yet cosy atmosphere, while also being truly en vogue thanks to the injections of lavish tones, amber lights, and curved lines. The use of curvatures within the space is accentuated by round mirrors, lamps, and tables all of which emulate the rotund architectural forms that fill the room as well as the use of tone-on-tone pink used throughout.

The use of muted pink tones creates both an instantly iconic and soft aesthetic. Nina Bailey, UK Design Manager, Formica Group: “Pink shades are perfect for commercial environments. 2020 interior trends have seen pink becoming a more gender-neutral colour as it combines with other colours and natural materials.”

The bespoke furniture accentuates the character of the space and enhances the overall aesthetic. Each piece adds personality and has been designed exclusively to match the environment.

ILmio Design Studio explains: “We have developed the interior into a living space, being sympathetic to the existing architecture, adding warmth through the presence of curved elements and the use of contrasting colours that coexist in harmony. We have personalised the space through the use of bespoke furniture and lamps made specifically for this project.”

The furniture has been created using Formica® laminates in turquoise and gold, to match the two predominant shades repeated throughout the space in the entrance arches, benches, central columns, slats, and lamps.

This uber-chic renovation emulates the fun and stylish atmosphere of the hotel and provides an elegant oasis to the otherwise concrete-filled surroundings. As Nina Bailey comments, “ILmio Design studio has transformed Barceló Málaga into a beautifully photogenic design scheme that will inspire travellers to hurry online and share their pink moment!”

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