Posted in Products on 12 June, 2017

The first impression on entering a building plays a crucial part in the overall effect on the visitor. Entrance areas therefore require an environment that combines a welcoming atmosphere with aesthetics and functionality. We offer individual, tailor-made dirt removal systems, based on our 3-zone cleaning system concept, that trap up to 90% of dirt and moisture as people walk across them. They make a significant contribution to a pleasant reception environment and long-lasting protection of the surrounding floor coverings, as well as to a significant reduction in cleaning work throughout the building. Entrance mat systems can be supplied with rounded or angled designs and cut-outs, according to the architectural and structural requirements. The wide range of colours makes it possible to create both harmonising and contrasting designs. To increase the exclusivity of the entrance area, a large number of additional components are available, such as a LED illuminated frame system, or a stainless-steel profile with a laser-engraved personalised name.

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