Esthec Terrace & Eden Roc: perfect match under Miami skies

Posted in Products on 7 September, 2016

The iconic Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort & Spa was recently renovated. As part of the multi-million dollar operation the poolside terraces were modernised and constructed with Esthec® Terrace, the lightweight and indestructible composite material. Maintenance-free, easy to clean and extremely wear resistant, Esthec® Terrace provides far better qualities and lower maintenance costs than the former wooden terraces. With Esthec® Terrace, the Eden Roc has poolside terraces that will last for decades to come – even in the hot weather conditions of Florida.

Extremely wear resistant

Wits sophisticated look, Esthec® Terrace was the perfect terrace solution for the new Eden Roc. The high-quality system is applied worldwide in terraces at hotels, resorts and beach clubs and also used as decking material around swimming pools and in outdoor spa areas.

Esthec® Terrace has several distinctive advantages. For the Eden Roc one in particular was decisive: low maintenance. The former poolside terraces were made of wood, resulting in high maintenance costs. So for the new Eden Roc a maintenance-free material was required. Esthec® Terrace is made of fibre-glass reinforced composite and therefor stronger and far more durable. Unlike wood, the material of Esthec® Terrace is easy to maintain and clean. The terrace system does not absorb water and is not affected by algae and bacteria. In addition, Esthec® Terrace is extremely wear resistant and does not warp like wood or PVC.

With Esthec® Terrace, the Eden Roc now has poolside terraces that will last for decades and will keep their beautiful appearance, even in the hot conditions of sunny Miami. In fact, the lightweight and indestructible material is ideal for poolside terraces. It meets the challenging conditions of the high traffic poolside terraces of the Eden Roc. No absorption of water means that the terrace system remains slip resistant in wet conditions. Whereas wood can quickly become slippery, Esthec® Terrace provides excellent grip. The composite does not splinter and in contact with water, it quickly cools. These qualities make Esthec® Terrace extremely comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

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