There’s more to Esthec Terrace than meets the eye

Posted in Products on 15 February, 2021

The One World Trade Center in Long Beach, California, is a fascinating structure. The combination of a few interesting elements make it unique in design. The appearance of the building changes depending on the weather, as well as the angle of observation. Although it’s one vertical structure, on a clear day, the blue glass down the centre blends into the sky to make the two brown shafts appear as two individual buildings. This is in homage to the famous world trade centre that once stood in New York.


A high-end solution

In a recent renovation, the team behind the One World Trade Center in Long Beach, CA  was searching for a suitable decking solution. It needed to be consistent with their modern image, whilst also meeting technical requirements. The renovation included four outdoor terraces and one fountain. Thus, the material had to be weather-proof and slip resistant, and of course, it had to offer a perfect aesthetic and modern look.

After some searching, Lanai Construction Inc. was recommended to the team. Lanai Construction Inc., had been making a name for itself through it’s patented Quik Joist sub-frame system. Quick Joist has been able to simplify the installation process and guarantees a 100% laser level flat surface. Lanai Construction, Inc. was awarded the contract and very quickly introduced the team to Esthec, a high-end decking solution with multiple outdoor applications. The pairing was a “no-brainer” as both products work synergistically with each other.

Rising to the challenge

Lanai was not only suggested the installation of Esthec, but also directed the realisation of the project. This was no simple task, it required a team of experienced professionals. The fountain was a particular challenge for the constructors. The Esthec Terrace planks were applied in a circular radius around the fountain, forming a very smart and sophisticated seating area. For this, the largest size planks were used, whilst for the terraces the smallest width of planks were used. Once again, by rising to the challenge with custom solutions, Esthec Terrace proved its versatility. Esthec Terrace can truly meet any design challenge that it’s presented with.

Lanai Construction, Inc. is Esthec’s partner in the West coast of the United States. Based in Los Angeles, California, they are responsible for serving the Western Seaboard of the United States. Lanai Construction, Inc. is a family based company with three generations of construction expertise under their creative eye whether it be residential or commercial. Lanai has targeted the decking industry as one of their specialties. From rooftop terraces, swimming pool decks and patios, to balconies and gardens and everything in between.


A solution of sophistication

What sealed the deal for the One World Trade Center was Esthec’s aesthetics of sophistication. However, there’s more to Esthec Terrace than meets the eye. It’s purpose-built for flooring, giving benefits in every way possible. What was vital to this project was an air of elegance, slip resistance, low maintenance and long lasting quality. Esthec Terrace seamlessly meets all three of these needs, whilst providing even more.

It looks and feels like genuine wood, giving an authentic feel, but is void of all the negative aspects. For instance the maintenance is nowhere near as tiresome as wood, with no risk of warping, rotting or cracking. Made of composite material on fibreglass reinforced composite, Esthec Terrace is extremely durable. It doesn’t absorb water or collect algae, and it’s extremely slip resistant. Not only this, but it is also incredibly flexible in design. Whether it’s colour, texture, size or a custom request from the client, chances are, Esthec can do it!

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