Expormim at exhibition, Urban regeneration – Dialogues of architecture 2008-2018

Posted in Products on 8 November, 2018

Expormim has participated in the exhibition Urban regeneration – Dialogues of architecture 2008-2018 at Roca Madrid Gallery that shows a selection of a 25 projects by Benedetta Tagliabue and her architecture studios Miralles Tagliabue EMBT of Barcelona and Shanghái, which gather innovative ideas about the urban regeneration in Europe and Asia in the last 10 years. Among the samples of the projects of the architect and designer Benedetta Tagliabue there are also her pieces Tina and Pepe designed for Expormim, for which she has done an exercise of approximation of architecture to contemporary furniture.

Each project integrates the history, the context, the users and the culture with the aim of showing the philosophy of EMBT and Roca – a better city bring us a better life. Expormim has joined this initiative sharing their philosophy, whose purpose is to reach the excellence in the creation of attractive and functional handcrafted furniture.

Roca Madrid Gallery has been the place hosting the exhibition. This space celebrates exhibitions and different social and cultural activities; where the visitor can also get to know the designs of its products and the importance of water in the society.

Expormim’s latest products

Tina & Pepe, Expormim’s new armchair and two-seater sofa, designed by the Italian architect and designer Benedetta Tagliabue, are a big bet on natural materials and traditional wickerwork. Both the conceptualization and the manufacturing process were a real challenge due to the evident technical complexity of the pieces. Tagliabue’s intention when devising Tina armchair and Pepe loveseat, thus called as a tribute to her pets, was clear since the beginning: she took traditional wickerwork to deliver an elegant and organic design in close collaboration with local craftsmen. The result is a collection highlighting the elegance of naturalness while flawlessly portraying the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Benedetta Tagliabue, head of the Barcelona-based studio Mirralles Tagliabue EMBT, which she founded together with Enric Miralles in 1994, wanted to reclaim the tradition of wicker craftsmanship from a radically contemporaneous perspective, just like Oscar Tusquets did before her with the Fontal collection. In the same way Tina & Pepe pay proper homage to the beauty and spontaneity of simple things.

The Italian designer stated: “Wickerwork is marvelous genre of art. This artisanal technique is the same all over the world. We can even claim that wickerwork is the first universal language of humankind: the language of hands. That is why we have done a lot of research on wicker and the weaving of natural materials. Tina & Pepe are the result of our collaboration with industry. They come as an innovative design integrating a magnificent tradition while trying to combine that special care and attention to detail inherent to craft production with the precision and quality of technology. Thanks to the thorough analysis of the qualities and characteristics of raw materials, we have produced very comfortable pieces, surprisingly lightweight and organic”.

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