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Posted in Products on 14 November, 2018

Take Away

Its small size and lightness, the absene of cables and an ergonomic handle make Take Away a light fixture that is free to be placed anywhere. Suitable for all kinds of spaces, since its composition is injected polycarbonate with a wooden base, this table lamp is totally versatile and can be moved to any space. It also has a wooden accessory to turn it into an original wall light.

Take Away has a battery that is charged via a USB port, giving it 5 to 15 hours autonomy depending on the light intensity, which is selected by lightly tapping the screen. Sustainability is also an essential factor in the conception of this light fixture. Incorporating LED guarantees minimum electric power consumption (3w).

Faro Barcelona entrusted the design of Take Away to Nahtrang, the Barcelona design studio headed by Esther Pujol and Daniel Vila. The inspiration for this light fixture’s design comes from the versatility of the classic Japanese ceramic bowl, and the simplicity of its shape follows the design codes of oriental lanterns. The name Take Away responds go the light’s nomadic nature.


Designed by Bohman & Folenius for Faro Barcelona, Inviting adapts to different lighting needs. A regulable head on both horizontal and vertical axes, and the possibility to regulate both light intensity and heat temperature make this family of light fixtures an indispensable element for study, reading or home-working areas. Its various versions—table, wall or clip—allow for multiple locations, such as shelving units, headboards, study and work desks, as well as in the kitchen.

Its clean and simple architecture focuses on the head of the lamp, which is supplied with a circular knob that slides from one side to the other to control brightness, and enables different light temperatures to be obtained, whether warm, neutral or cool, thereby creating the desired ambience at each moment and in each space.

Inviting is worthy of the prize Light Middle East Award 2018 (Dubai) in the category of Decorative Table Lamp of the Year.


Faro Barcelona’s Hook model was given the Reddot Design Award at the latest edition of these renowned international awards that are given by an independent jury made up of 40 reputed experts from around the world. With a total of 48 categories, the Reddot Awards are divided into the following modalities: Product Design, Communication Design and Design Conception. Likewise, Hook has been awarded the Green Product Award an international prize, based in Berlin (Germany), which is held annually in order to promote sustainable consumption. Since its inception, 5 years ago, they have enjoyed international recognition and the participation of 40 countries. The purpose of these awards is to create an offer of sustainable and innovative solutions in both services and products, in order to present them to consumers and manufacturers.

Hook constitutes Faro Barcelona’s most Ecological and Socially Conscious project. Produced entirely in Spain from recycled bottle caps, its design optimised every phase of the lifecycle of its components in order to reduce environmental impact. Its casings are made of recycled polypropylene, a sustainable plastic that is also present in the diffusor to encourage recycling. The result is a light fixture that is totally PVC-free, a material present in most cables and plugs.

Faro Barcelona’s social commitment with this project is evidenced not only by the fact that it employs disabled people from Fundació El Marseme to assemble Hook, but also that it works with the NGO Mary’s Meals España, donating €15.60 from each light fixture, which is the cost of feeding one child for an entire school year.

For Hook’s design, Faro Barcelona this time commissioned OiKo Design Office, the design studio headed by Salva Codinach and José López-Aguilar, engineers and designers who prioritise ecodesign, sustainability and the search for materials to minimise environmental impact.

The Faro Barcelona range can be seen on stand B90 at the Sleep+Eat 2019 event

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