Posted in Products on 8 October, 2018

Award-winning luxury uniform designers Fashionizer have announced the launch of their new market-leading Hotel Uniform Shop. Having been in the pipeline for the past 12 months, the arrival of the new site, which will form part of the Fashionizer brand along with sister sites Fashionizer and Fashionizer Spa, offers clients the opportunity to receive ready to wear uniforms within 48 hours, along with a customisable service, new and exciting hospitality garments and accessories, as well as provide a smooth and intuitive shopping experience.

The Concept

Fashionizer’s forte is high quality, beautifully crafted bespoke uniforms created exclusively for luxury hotels. Due to the lead times and minimum order quantities associated with bespoke garments they recognised that there was a gap in the market for businesses that require high quality uniforms quickly and in lower quantities. As a result, they have created their Hotel Uniform Shop that provides a streamlined customer journey offering the client an opportunity to receive ready to wear uniforms within 48 hours.

Given the company’s speciality in bespoke uniforms they understand there is also a need for a customisable service, therefore, the Hotel Uniform Shop also allows for easily accessible customisation. Allowing customers to mix and match garments from a variety of colours and utilise the embroidery and monogram service. The combined proposition of both customisation and ready to wear allows clients to receive for example, a black Aster housekeeping dress within 48 hours of ordering, and if required the same dress in red as a customisable option, subject to longer lead times and minimum order requirements.

Debbie Leon, Managing Director at Fashionizer, says of the site: “Hotel Uniform Shop demonstrates our commitment to excellence for our client base and is part of our digital strategy to expand and improve our online customer experience. We recognised that in a progressively impatient world where the urgency to get something quickly intensifies, there has become a need to provide clients with a quicker, more convenient offer but at the same time provide the opportunity to request a fast track tailored solution, so we created an e-commerce platform that caters for all requirements. The website has been a labour of love and represents the culmination of a vast amount of work by all the Fashionizer team.”

Evolving from legacy site, Fashionizer Couture, and following the success of sister company, Fashionizer Spa in providing a global digital platform for the company’s natural fibre garments, the Hotel Uniform Shop is a dedicated destination for all Fashionizer’s hotel uniforms and accessories. This new platform is an exciting development for the company and is designed to reach the global high-end hospitality market and expand their clientele to include establishments that require smaller quantities.

The Product:

Fashionizer has broadened their ready to wear line, by making some of their most successful bespoke items accessible through the Hotel Uniform Shop. Along with their staple classic housekeeping uniforms, the new site allows clients to shop luxury products such as a beautiful doorman’s coat made from 100% Loden wool and a stylish wrap housekeeping jumpsuit which is part of an innovative Newlife™ fabric collection that uses an environmentally friendly fibre made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Hotel Uniform Shop also introduces the brand’s complementary Finishing Touches Collection which includes a black cardigan, following the success of the cardigan Fashionizer designed exclusively for The Ned in 2017. Other accessories available in this range are hats, belts, shoes and aprons which are available to order in a variety of styles and finishes.

The Shopping Experience:

The fully responsive site provides a seamless transition from desktop to mobile that affords users the opportunity to navigate through an extensive product and service offering quickly and easily via easy to navigate key hospitality product categories, crafting a more streamlined shopping experience.

New features include an integrated Instagram feed complementing the ability to shop from the business’s Instagram feed. Videos and other integrated social media include buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to foster improved communication with clients.

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