Posted in Products on 2 October, 2018

Spanish wood manufacturer Finsa has launched a new and revolutionary flooring range called Etude 22. This range comprises of 22 brand new decors which include the trendiest wood impression tones and some other unique decors such as tile-style, herringbone and geometric pattern flooring.

Etude 22 is a laminate flooring collection that emerges from an open mind, from observing the environment and from sharing ideas with design professionals that have different points of view from the manufacturer. With a non-conformist spirit, this new flooring aims to break the rules and open a new path in interior design. Each project has a life of its own, and that must be reflected in each of the elements, from the roof to the floor.

All of the textures in the Etude 22 range have been selected to optimise and strengthen each of the designs in order to make them unique. In the designs with a wood impression finish, the texture coincides with the original design of the wood, synchronising to provide greater realism. You can find more information about this collection and view the full catalogue on

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