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Posted in News, Products on 19 May, 2017

The Invisible Collection presents An Interior Designer’s Bedroom in collaboration with Vis-à-Vis, the ultra-luxurious hand embroidered linen supplier, situated on Motcomb Street in London.

The Invisible Collection asked each star designer of the website to create a room, allowing their imagination to run wild. Both curious and enthusiastic, the designers accepted.

Jérôme Faillant-Dumas, interior designer and artistic director of L.O.VE is the first to unveil his Regards collection: a hand embroidered bed linen set inspired by surrealism. The midnight blue, emerald green and peacock blue headboard invites his audience to follow the virtuous path of torpor, the state between dreams and reality.

Pierre Gonalons, a young and prominent designer, will succeed him with his Sun Headboard: a modern interpretation of a royal room in Versailles. The absinthe green and yellow headboard adds warmth and colour to the hand embroidered Semper Somniare (Always dream) bed linen set.

The Vis a Vis linen is made of PIMA cotton. Hand-picked in the Highlands of Peru in a family-ran organic cotton field, the cotton is then shipped to an atelier in Italy where the sheets are entirely handmade. The hand embroidered is made in Madagascar where the most skilled embroiderers have preserved their know-how over several generations. The tradition of hand embroidery was brought to Madagascar by Belgian nuns over two centuries ago.

In addition to the interior designers’ bedrooms, The Invisible Collection presents pieces of other designers including Reda Amalou, Daniel and Michel Bismut, Damien Langlois-Meurinne, Atelier Fevrier, Raphael Thomas, Marc Ange, Federica Tondato, to name a few.

About The Invisible Collection

Founded by Anna Zaoui and Isabelle Dubern, is the first ecommerce website dedicated to iconic contemporary pieces of interior design. Not only is The Invisible Collection the first to access a precious inventory of furniture creations, it is also the first time that any of them are sold online. A hallmark of The Invisible Collection is that every piece purchased is made to order. ‘The work of contemporary interior designers, made to order by the most expert hands and with the most knowledgeable craftsmanship, encapsulates luxury today’. Unique and exceptional pieces of collectable furniture rivalling the contemporary art market today.

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