GROHE shower toilets help wipe away Britain’s top toilet gripes according to new YouGov findings

Posted in Products on 10 August, 2016

There’s no doubt that shower toilets are a hot topic when it comes to bathroom habits at the moment, thanks to a string of celebrity fans and early adopters like* and the Kardashians jumping on the trend to join a group of high-profile owners.

But is the general public really ready for a future of toilets that wash, cleanse and dry you, forever eliminating the need to wipe?

A study commissioned by premium bathroom and kitchen brand, GROHE, has found that 37 per cent of Britain’s adult population said they’d be likely to purchase one of these clever loos if the price was right.

The new study also revealed that these bathroom gadgets can eliminate eight out of nine toilet pet peeves listed. A sample of over 2000 British adults was asked to choose their top three biggest ‘annoyances’ when visiting the bathroom and toilet at home.

‘Middle of the night loo trips’ (37 per cent), came out top, with ‘bad smells’ second (36 per cent), and ‘cleaning the bathroom/toilet’ third (35 per cent). While shower toilets can’t pause your bladder, they can make night time toilet trips more pleasant thanks to soft lighting, a variety of self-cleaning functions and in-built odour removal. They even open and close the lid on your behalf!

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