HI-MACS® presents the new Aurora Colours

Posted in Products on 8 September, 2020

The new Aurora Colours from HI-MACS® are inspired by the natural beauty of the Northern Lights. In brilliant waves over the sky the vibrant flow of Aurora Borealis is captured in these tones. Two of the colours, Pavia and Aurora Cotton, have a semi-translucent property, which enables designers to play with light effects, giving the ability to integrate this natural phenomenon into their interior designs.

The new Aurora Colours – an evolution of the Marmo Collection – combine aesthetics inspired by nature with all the benefits of the latest generation solid surface HI-MACS®:  the completely non-porous material, which can be thermoformed allowing curved shaping, also allows for seamless surfaces and is easy to repair and clean.

PAVIA is a pristine and soft-white marble tone with translucent properties. Whether effectively backlit or simply illuminated, Pavia will always add an elegant touch with spectacular designs.

AURORA BIANCO reflects the soft and mysterious beauty of natural marble pattern but also adds some inspiration from the aurora seen in the Polar Regions.

AURORA COTTON is inspired by the richness and warmth of cotton texture and with translucent properties, a cloudy sky resemblance which is an excellent combination with bright and warm-toned interiors.

AURORA BLANC is an evocative bright white on white shade. Its gentle and subtle veined pattern will blend harmoniously with a variety of interiors.

AURORA GREY has a grey toned finish with a pearl shimmer to bring a snowy sky from the Nordic regions to your interior design.

AURORA TORANO has thicker and stronger veins, giving interiors a character feel.

AURORA BISQUE is a natural warm-toned colour with cream and brown veins. Perfect in combination with natural materials.

AURORA UMBER is an earthy and eye-catching bold colour, which is perfect for adding vibrant accents to designs.

SANREMO, like a night sky in the Nordic regions, brings some contrast with its dramatic black veined pattern for an unambiguous look.



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