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Posted in Products on 27 March, 2020

With the option to fully utilise outdoor space throughout the seasons, a fixed structure provides the perfect alfresco shelter to guard against the vagaries of the British climate whilst enabling the outlet to capitalise on the sunny days and months. Combine this with an outstanding return on investment and you have the perfect terrace solution.

Suitable for all commercial and domestic applications, Indigo Awnings offers a complete range of fixed structures with or without enclosure systems. The frames are built to withstand the elements, making them an ideal choice to make full use of any terrace, patio or courtyard. Indigo Awnings has the ability to transform an outdoor area into an outdoor dining, bar or living space.

With fixed glass, retractable folding or louvred roofs, the company offers a variety of different options to enjoy the great outdoors whilst creating the warmth and comfort of being indoors. With an ever-growing list of extremely happy clients, fixed structures have now become an essential addition to create a chic atmosphere for lounging and diners everywhere.

It is without a doubt that good use of an outdoor area will dramatically increase footfall and ultimately enhance sales, given this fact a fixed structure provides an outstanding return on investment. With 30 years experience, Indigo Awnings is established as one of the premium suppliers of alfresco weather protection options in the UK.

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