Inject summer style into your restaurant’s table settings

Posted in Products on 25 March, 2019

The warmer months are on their way, which means a change in seasonal menus and as a result, a bit of a spruce up in many hotel restaurants and bars. We spoke to Mike Hardman from catering and kitchen appliance suppliers Alliance Online, who shared his tips for updating tableware as the seasons change.

Right now the hospitality industry is more competitive than ever, with a big focus in the market on food and beverage offerings, which means hoteliers need to focus on standing out from the crowd. One the best ways to do this is by updating interior décor and table settings regularly. Not only does this help keep things fresh, which has a direct impact on repeat business, but it also provides visitors with plenty of Instagram opportunities, which is incredibly important in the modern dining era.

Here are Mike’s top tips for updating restaurant tables…

Update the menu

Most hotel restaurants will adapt their menu to the seasons in terms of the dishes they offer, but what about a complete redesign to reflect the time of year?

As long as it’s in keeping with the hotel’s usual branding or style, changing the colour of table menus, printing the current season on the front, or even adding illustrations can help to keep them fun and topical. It will also show customers that plenty of thought has gone into the seasonal dishes on offer.

Of course, this doesn’t have to stop at the food menus on the table. Everything from the specials board to the wine list can be given a seasonal update.

Add fresh flowers to the tables

One of the best ways to give a hotel restaurant a splash of summer is by bringing the outdoors in, and I would highly recommend doing this by placing a bunch of fresh flowers on each table. Not only will they look beautiful but, if the right varieties are chosen, they’ll also give the venue a lovely scent.

Of course, most fresh cut flowers won’t last more than two weeks, so they will need replacing on a regular basis. But the effort and cost will feel worth it. Plus, customers are far more likely to take and share photos of their meal when they have a lovely backdrop of fresh flowers.

FloraQueen has a great guide to how long certain varieties last, and how you can give fresh flowers the best chance of looking beautiful for as long as possible. Make sure you give it a read before buying your first bunch!

Opt for white or bright table accessories

For tables with placemats, napkin holders, condiment caddies, or vases, switching these up can also be a great way to update a restaurant’s décor with the seasons.

Of course, in the summer months, it’s best to go with white, transparent, or colourful versions that will help to brighten the space. Similarly, I would recommend going with white, colourful, or patterned crockery that has more of a summer-appropriate vibe. Again, this will give customers plenty of Instagram opportunities, and will also make it more likely that customers will return due to the restaurant having an entirely different feel in different seasons.

Something as simple as updating a restaurant’s tableware on a seasonal basis can help a hotel stand out from the crowd, and give it a whole new vibe every few months. Take these tips on board for summer-ready tables in no time.

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