Posted in Products on 12 September, 2017

What role does furniture play in the outdoor dining experience?

In recent years there has been a transformation in what concerns the concept of the exterior environment of a house or hotel. Outdoor dining areas has gone from being a secondary area to being a main and fundamental part of the residential or hotel complex.

Obviously, this change has required the development of different products designed for the outside. Point has also been adding new materials and designs adapted to the needs and demands of the different styles of outside dining rooms.

What role does furniture play in the overall al-fresco interior design concept? 

As with any room in a house, the terraces also need a study and decoration project, if possible, with greater difficulty than the inside one, since it is the link between the indoor and the outdoor. That is the reason why furniture is a main element to achieve harmony and integration between the interior and exterior; there is no doubt that a good choice of outdoor furniture suitable for the overall design project will get you to eat in the outside areas and work as an extension of the hotel.

What elements are important when creating top-quality outdoor dining furniture?

Outdoor furniture requires special materials for its manufacture, which have high resistance to inclement weather and high durability to the effects of the sun.

Therefore, the materials used by Point are always strong and durable. Another important question when we want to improve the quality of our products is comfort. That’s the reason why we use high-resistance polyurethane foams and specific exterior fabrics with a five-year warranty.

How do you develop different ranges and collections?

Point has a certain way of working to arrive to new designs:      


After an analysis of our current collections, we look for the necessities that we have to obey our maximum offer and then, we decide if we need sofas, dining rooms, and deckchairs.


We make an assessment of what style the new design (modern or classic for instance) must have, based on our product offer deficiencies and analysis of the latest trends in the market. We then decide what materials to be used for the new collection. After that, we select the designer; our choice depending on the style of the collection.


Once the new design has been selected, the following step is the prototype development. In this case, Point’s design department works together with the collection designer to complete the prototype. Once the prototype is ready and has solved all the quality tests, Point design committee approves its incorporation to our collections.

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