Posted in Products on 6 August, 2018

Having created a portfolio of over 600 shower surfaces, washbasins and baths, Kaldewei are delighted to be celebrating their 100th anniversary this year.

Kaldewei is renowned for their ability to offer outstanding luxury and comfort within the hotel bathroom. By maintaining their long-standing collaborations with illustrious design studio, Sottsass Associati and working with internationally renowned designers; Arik Levy and Anke Salomon, Kaldewei have not only created their iconic bathroom solutions but continue to deliver style-defining innovation and eternal elegance. Everything in Kaldewei’s extensive portfolio has been meticulously crafted from 100% recyclable, superior steel enamel to ensure long lasting quality and durability with a 30-year guarantee.

The wide range of styles, sizes and colours, combined with outstanding durability and stability of steel enamel, have positioned Kaldewei as the preferred hotel partner worldwide. Kaldewei’s wellness options further enhance the guest’s experience by creating a complete in-room spa.

Kaldewei Skin Touch combines the ultimate relaxation option – a bath with luxurious, deep-penetrating body care. Micro-fine air bubbles quietly flow into the bath water enriching it with natural oxygen, the tiny air bubbles then disperse evenly through the water acting like a delicate bath milk. In addition, Kaldewei’s Sound Wave system, allows guests to Bluetooth their own music directly into the bath, with or without water.

Kaldewei product solutions stand up to the heaviest use; they show no sign of discoloration after decades of wear and tear, which makes them an exceptionally cost- effective option. Kaldewei’s optional Easy-Clean finish prevents the formation of even the tiniest cracks where lime-scale, dirt, bacteria and soap residue can accumulate. Whilst Kaldewei’s optional anti-slip surface finishes are burnt into the enamel, providing longterm safety and security to both the hotel guest and hotelier.

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