Kaldewei bathroom solutions optimise costs

Posted in Products on 6 November, 2018

Shower surfaces, washbasins and baths made of steel enamel from the premium manufacturer blend maximum efficiency with longevity

Hoteliers are always concerned about the satisfaction of their guests. Every effort is made to meet the requirements and expectations of the patron with an attractive offering, individual service and an appealing interior for a pleasant stay. Hoteliers and investors, however, are also entrepreneurs who need to plan with economic aspects in mind to ensure that their establishment gives good returns. Their revenue is determined by the hotel‘s occupancy rate and any income from additional services offered – and stands opposite investments, maintenance and repair and, especially, the costs of running the hotel. Hoteliers and operators must optimise both factors to outperform the competition.

The number of overnight stays hinges on the quality and attractiveness of the hotel. An appealing bathroom is the hallmark of any business providing accommodation. Guests, after all, look for an aesthetic interior that is both comfortable and clean – without any signs of use. In the shower area especially, operators are advised to opt for high-quality and durable material. With floor-level shower surfaces, washbasins and baths made of steel enamel, Kaldewei offers accurately fitting solutions that satisfy the high standards of guests, but also of hotel management and housekeeping – even with intensive use and cleaning.

Durability and longevity ensure long renovation cycles                                

“The hotel bathroom is at the top of criteria that determine the choice of hotel and should remain in good condition for many years. We know from our business partners in the hotel industry though that vast numbers of guests and constant change of occupancy takes a punishing toll on the bathroom,” Roberto Martinez, Chief Sales Officer at Kaldewei, explains. He continues: “The use of superior quality products therefore is paramount so the bathroom continues to look inviting in the long run, but also to prevent potential damage and consequential costs.” The choice of the right products helps decision-makers to optimise their renovation cycles and so also the cost of repairs.

Quick and easy cleaning saves finances                                                                  

The cost of running a hotel, which includes cleaning and housekeeping, has a bearing on the overall success of its business. It takes around 30 minutes on average to clean a room – the bathroom makes up a third of this time. Bathroom cleaning is therefore a significant economic factor. Since they take so little effort to clean, bathroom solutions made of Kaldewei steel enamel help to optimise long- term running costs for hotels. Their smooth and pore-free surface makes them exceptionally quick and easy to clean without aggressive detergents and thus reduces the drain on finances.

Kaldewei enamelled shower surfaces pay off                                                

Premium manufacturer Kaldewei has demonstrated its expertise as a partner to national and international hotels for many years. Enamelled shower surfaces in particular uniquely combine efficiency with aesthetics and functionality and meet the trend towards floor-level shower design. Their success is based on superior Kaldewei steel enamel, a material that has proven its outstanding properties for decades and makes it ideal for the fitout of hotel bathrooms. Thanks to its glass- hard surface, it shows not even the tiniest scratches despite years of daily use and cleaning, leaving no place for dirt or bacteria to settle. The enamelled shower surfaces from Kaldewei as a result look good and remain hygienic for an exceptionally long time. Kaldewei underlines the longevity of its products with a “30- year guarantee” promise of quality, extending the renovation cycle to twelve or more years. In addition, Kaldewei bathroom solutions appeal for their timeless design that works outside of varying styles or short-lived trends. Not only do the products last for long periods, they appeal just as long. This gives hoteliers and investors planning certainty and adds considerably to optimised costs.

Guest safety adds certainty for hoteliers and investors                                        

A further advantage of the enamelled shower surfaces from Kaldewei is their custom-fit installation systems, which ensure quick and easy installation and protect against damage from moisture penetration. Floor-level Kaldewei showers ensure maximum safety for guests. Fitted flush to the floor, they provide absolute ease of access with no edges to trip over. On request, they are also available with anti-slip finishes such as “Kaldewei Secure Plus”. And very important for hotels: To ensure that guests enjoy peace and quiet, the enamelled shower surfaces from Kaldewei comply with the sound insulation requirements of DIN 4109, VDI 4100 and SIA 181.

Sustainability as a further mark of distinction                                    

Sustainability is a further distinction that sets a hotel apart from its competition. Not least because ecological aspects are increasingly important in the international hotel industry. Kaldewei steel enamel is fully made from natural resources and therefore meets every sustainability standard currently required in hotel construction. Not surprisingly, therefore, Kaldewei is the first European bathroom manufacturer to be certified with the IBU (German Institute of Building and the Environment) Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in compliance with ISO 14025. The premium manufacturer is also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

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