Posted in Products on 30 June, 2020

Premium end shower manufacturer, Kanth, has pioneered a new way of making shower systems and accessories which will give customers more freedom than ever before to choose the shape and size of their brass products.

Karl Kanth — the inventor, engineer and designer behind Kanth’s 11 key product innovations — has introduced a sustainable way of creating solid brass showerheads of any shape and size, giving customers more choice, and interior designers, retailers, and architects the ability to tailor their approach.

Karl explained: “Thanks to continued research and development, I’m thrilled to now be able to offer the industry’s first bespoke manufacturing of solid brass showerheads. Previously, the only way to create a bespoke product was to first create very expensive tooling for the showerhead and rubber nozzle gasket — and once you make this, you may never use it again.

“Unique designs from solid brass have never been a viable option for manufacturers or their customers, or even for companies that use brass casting because of the very high initial cost it takes to create just one design mould.

“We’ve been able to successfully bypass this old way of working and create the opportunity to make bespoke products without the wastage and expensive tooling or stock made from that one design. So, whether it’s a hexagonal or heart shaped showerhead, we can make it once in the sustainable way that we create everything else.”

The Kanth team prides itself on innovating just 11 products which make up its core lines, with each available in either round or square, and five different finishes. Its Wall Mounted Mixer taps for example, is one of these inventions and is made from just six components — which can be used to create 28 different configurations to suit every possible taste.

Karl added: “Many business models are focused on profit first and on designing products that have no innovative qualities, which ultimately means they compete entirely on price.

“There are many reasons why competing on price is an issue but the main for me is that it’s worsening the already worrying ‘throwaway culture’. Our new invention now means that we can still continue to make products based on all eight core principles we live by, but without the wastage and consumption usually associated with creating one-off products,” he concluded.

Kanth is a principle-led business proud to create high-quality CNC machined solid brass shower systems for the architecture, retailers, interior design, sustainable luxury, and specifier and installer markets. The Kanth brand comprises three distinct companies — Kanth Manufacturing, which houses all its British-based manufacturing operations, Kanth London which is led by innovator and founder Karl Kanth, and Smiths Metal Centres, suppliers of high-quality raw materials.


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