KETTAL: Meteo by Konstantin Grcic

Posted in Products on 12 May, 2020

The foot of a parasol is often where it shouldn’t be: in the way. So, why not turn this obstacle into something useful? Having launched METEO in 2018, we are now adding three functional adaptations to the parasol’ base: a sofa/daybed, a table, a planter. Each one offers a useful gesture to this otherwise obstructive element.

Meteo marked the beginning of a collaboration between Kettal and Konstantin Grcic. It was aims to explore the largely untapped design potential of modern parasols. Protection from direct sunlight is becoming a quintessential condition for our health and wellbeing.

The increasing impact of parasols and other sunshade systems on the planning and furnishing of modern cityscapes, recreational resorts and private dwellings gives rise to the challenge of a renewed approach to this specialised product category.

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