Posted in Products on 28 September, 2018

Kinetura is a Belgian lighting company, renowned for its four dimensional metamorphic light. During it’s participation at 100% Design London, Kinetura received countless admiring reactions and requests from building professionals from all over the world. Kinetura’s high-end lighting products combine light modulation with physical transformation of the shape. Kinetura supplies transformative and responsive lighting controllable by most current automation systems.

Imagine light that adapts to your needs of the moment… Light dims to the requested atmosphere and the shape morphs accordingly. Pure incision lines in walls and ceilings suddenly bend inwards to reveal light. Simple and almost absent lighting objects blossom open to enchant your space…

In the Kinetura lighting products you will find both architectural, seamlessly integrated fixtures to create huge magical feature walls and ceilings and free hanging and standing decorative lighting. The architectural lighting melts into the architecture. It is almost invisible during the day and becomes present when light is requested.

In the integrated light Kinetura offers two series: On one hand they offer the ‘attached series’ where the flexible surface makes integral part of the surrounding ceiling or wall to result in a pure and dynamic architectural experience. On the other hand they have the ‘detachable series’, where the incision lines are continuous. This offers the possibility to combine different materials and finishes. The flexible bending front covers can be opened to allow access for maintenance.

The decorative table and pendant lamps have minimalistic shapes when closed and become organic when you need light. For each type of light there is a proper shape. Light is no longer a static matter. It should interact with you in your space in an almost organic or circadian way.

Several Kinetura lighting objects, designed by Xaveer Claerhout and Barbara Van Biervliet, are acquired in the permanent design collection of Musée du Centre Pompidou in Paris.

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