Posted in Products on 4 May, 2017

A synchronisation of vibrant colours and patterns in an assortment of lush Epengle velvets make for a fresh addition to Kobe’s upholstery library as Boutique Upholstery collection. Three small-scaled geometric patterns and a matching irregular stripe in multi-coloured palette of intense tones in opulent and neutrals are created with the Epengle technique. The textures and three-dimensional effect on the pattern is created with a mix of cut and uncut pile technique. The soft Viscose cut pile contrasts with the uncut pile in the patterns, which makes them come alive against the natural look of the neutral background. The 100 per cent natural fabrics achieve 40.000 rubs in the Martindale scale and is suitable for both domestic and FR-treated contract usage.


Volterra is an upholstery use velvet woven in W cut pile weave technique with polyester pile and cotton mix base. It is woven with 65 per cent cotton and 35 per cent polyester yarns in warp and 100 per cent polyester yarns in the weft with 100 per cent polyester yarns as pile.

It has a matt and natural cotton look and feel, making it a strong new addition in Kobe’s velvet library. Timeless and latest trend colours of Volterra also coordinate and complement with Florian, Henry, Nicolas and Jules.

The fabric achieves 100.000 Martindale rubs and is suitable for severe contract usage. Due to the cotton mix base the fabric is also FR treatable and will pass both domestic and Contract British Standards and the European Norms.


Adore takes inspiration from rich traditional roots in interior decoration, making it a timeless addition to Kobe’s classics. It is woven with a variety of multi-coloured matt and shiny yarns featuring a beautiful paisley. Refined attention to details create a multi-dimensional effect on the damask pattern. Woven in a high natural content, Adore has a naturally soft feel and can be used for both curtains and upholstery. It has a rich drape and achieves 45.000 rubs on the Martindale scale and passes European and UK norms for domestic and contract upholsteryusage.

Adore is available in eight colour ways.


Clemence features an art and craft styled floral pattern, woven with intricate details against a patterned satin base. The patterns are multi-layered with the floral pattern on the underlying all over pattern.

The etching and stylising of the pattern adds to the refined look. It is 100 per cent natural, with a beautiful cotton feel and can be used for both curtains and upholstery.

It achieves 15.000 rubs on the Martindale scale and passes the European and UK norms for domestic upholstery usage. Clemence is available in three colour ways.


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