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Posted in Products on 19 December, 2018

Lapuan Kankurit is known for extremely high-quality linen textiles for sauna and bath, woven in our company’s own weaving mill in Lapua, Finland. This high quality will be in full bloom as we introduce our wonderful and beautiful spa textiles to the market for the upcoming spring 2019.


Lapuan Kankurit has released the HVITTRÄSK Sauna Textile Collection, designed by Reeta Ek, in cooperation with the National Museum of Finland.

Reeta found her inspiration for the series from Eliel Saarinen’s works, National Romanticism and Roses from the surrounding gardens and details of the building, Hvitträsk itself, which is functioning as the museum. The RUUSU series consists of towels, a bag as well as oversize sauna pillows and covers.


The flower theme continues in Elina Helenius’s NIITTY collection. In addition to the beauty and subtlety of the Nature theme, theses products offer durability, functionality and practicality. The series includes four multi-purpose products: a tablecloth/summer blanket, large towel/baby blanket, a cloth runner for your table/sauna seat and a small towel for the kitchen or the bathroom. The colours, which were inspired by the tones and hues found in Nature are perfectly matched with the 100% European washed linen which allows the imperfection of those colours to seep into the beauty of these products. The perfect material for the NIITTY series.

HVITTRÄSK and NIITTY will be brightly suited to join you anywhere you go next summer. Add in the new colours of the vastly popular TERVA series and you have an absolutely obvious winning combination. The new colours are: Aspen Green, Green-Petroleum, Rust Brown and a single coloured rust, take your pick, they are all beautiful.

The creator of the popular SADE design, talented Japanese born Aoi Yoshizawa, has designed a pair of stunning JOKI towels that were on display throughout last summer in the Fiskars Summer House during the Helsinki Design Week. The JOKI towels are finally available as part of our new collection.


Anu Leinonen is knows for the USVA, KASTE and KIVI bath textiles. She’s been working with Lapuan Kankurit for nearly 10 years and the cooperation has resulted in spectacular products.

We will now be able to enjoy Anu’s distinctive designs in the dining room too. The RUOSTE tablecloth is beautiful and can be used as well as a throw which can be complemented by some gorgeous cushion covers. Combine them with the new colours joining the ever-popular SARA wool blanket and you have a match made in heaven (or at least Lapua!).

Our spring 2019 tableware collection becomes complete with Eri Shimatsuka’s HIMMELI towels. An Easter atmosphere can easily be created with the MONO and MAIJA products in their new Aspen Green colour as well as the VARPU design, created by the young designer Matilda Palmu. Linen material is perfectly suited for the spring and summer because of its breathability and its ability to absorb water and dry quickly in the warmer seasons. Lightweight linen scarves are some of our most popular products during these seasons. Have a look at our new line of colours for our popular HALAUS linen scarves Spring 2019.

The impressively talented duo of Jenni Rope and Matti Pikkujämsä have combined their talents, skills and visions to create the amazing TÄKKI series which all began from LOKAL’s “Blue Things” exhibition. A refreshing blue and white series, woven from organic cotton and European linen created by the mix of Matti and Jenni’s designs. TÄKKI blanket/tablecloth, cushion cover, summer bag and towel will help you put the finishing touches to your summer house’s interior. Alike most of our products, these are multi-functional in their uses, so get creative and see where you would like to use these beautiful new textiles for the upcoming warmer seasons: get bold in your use of our textiles!


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