LASVIT has expanded its product portfolio for three new interior walls re-imagined as architectural art pieces

Posted in Products on 14 June, 2021

The Czech glassmaking and design company LASVIT is introducing three new products – it has designed and created three interior walls as part of the new product line LASVIT Art Walls (LAW). These artistic, architectural pieces are called Impasto, Curtain and Tapestry, and their fine glass gives any interior a whole new dimension, and a spark of true beauty. The designs author is Wanda Valihrachová, member of the LASVIT design team.

“LASVIT Art Walls offer an abundance of styles that can be combined to create the best-fitting design for hotels, restaurants, private residences, modern yachts, office spaces, or simply any place that is ready for a LASVIT Art Wall’s fine vibes. All design concepts are modular in terms of size, pattern, or colour-scheme, and are perfect for interior use as partitions or decorative walls,” says Wanda Valihrachová, member of the LASVIT design team.

Apart from the artistic rendering, the new walls must also fulfil criteria of functionality, such as the partitioning of space, dampening of sound, and partial obfuscation. In the post-pandemic world, the glass partitions can also provide functional design and are perfect for facilitating social distancing. This year, the glass walls will allow people to feel safe in public and business settings, from retail to restaurants and bars.

“LASVIT’s interior glass walls re-imagined as architectural art pieces add personality and dimension to any space. Functionality and aesthetics merge as fine glass offers a unique atmosphere, originality, and privacy,” says Leon Jakimič, the owner and president of LASVIT.

Van Gogh’s Impressionist impasto as an interior art feature

The Impasto walls carries the same name as the famous painting technique used by post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh, which was later adopted by the Expressionists, such as Willem de Koonig. The impasto technique consists of applying the paint on the surface in thick dabs, usually strong enough to make visible the artist’s paint strokes. And that’s exactly how the Impasto interior walls look – as if thickly painted by a brush.

LASVIT’s interior Impasto walls and partitions are also attractive in their vibrant colour scheme – there are currently ten colour combinations available, ranging from grey to dodger blue. The possibilities of combining colour according to the interior type or the client’s wishes are virtually endless. During the manufacturing process, the craftsmen must take good care to preserve the particular qualities of the glass material, and so each single piece of Impasto is its own, unique original.

Impasto is variable not only in its colours, but also its shapes, as it can be combined in almost any pattern. Impasto features six standard components which vary in height, width and method of fastening (pipe or wire). We also offer four types of fastening – two methods of fastening Impasto to the floor (with pipes lined up in a line and with tops either higher or aligned with the glass sheets), one method for fastening to the floor and ceiling on wiring, and one for fastening to the floor and ceiling on pipes.

Curtain: Streamlined partitions

In the past, the curtains of theatre and stage performances were designed so that they might fulfil not only purposes of decoration, but also mask backstage preparations. And just like a theatre curtain, LASVIT’s Curtain gives any interior a sense of privacy, without becoming closed in on itself.

The defining features of Curtain are certainly its elegant, subdued colour scheme (clear, grey, smokey and blue-grey), which are accessorised with three variants of glass finish. The first variant consists of long, vertical strips. The second one is reminiscent of draperies – meaning the artistic rendition of textiles and garments on sculptures and paintings. The third structure is a subdued grid structure, as if a rough textile were imprinted on the glass.

One of the most interesting features of Curtain is the ability to turn the individual components at the drop of a hat, and thus create either more or less intimacy in the space at any given moment. Curtain can in this way accommodate the interior’s function to various needs throughout the day.

Tapestries of artful glass are uniquely attractive

The Tapestry Art Wall takes its name from woven images, so-called “tapestries” which make simple textiles into storytelling pieces of art. Tapestries have often decorated the walls of palaces, castles and chateaus, and have become the pride of museums such as the Louvre or the Metropolitan Museum in New York, as well as being prized possessions of the Vatican’s Sixtine Chapel collections. In LASVIT’s contemporary design idiom, the Tapestry wall can adorn world-class hotels, concert halls, theatres, residencies with high ceilings or any other large enough space.

The Tapestry Art Wall consists of bent glass which winds its way throughout, much like a thread through a woven tapestry, and give the impression that the glass is rippling. Through the effective laying of the glass, the wall does not need to play with the colour scheme, and the elegance of the curves is adorned only by pronounced vertical structures. Just like Curtain, LASVIT’s Tapestry offers three types of structures – vertical stripes, drapery and grid.

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