Posted in Products on 6 August, 2018

New ceramic products and bathroom accessories…

Kartell by Laufen collection continues to grow with its innovative and functional vision of the bathroom.

the Kartell by Laufen range created by Ludovica and roberto palomba, is a design collaboration that unites the best properties of two brands; Kartell contributes creativity and expertise in plastic objects, and Laufen, high quality and precision in ceramics. a new and extended

Kartell by Laufen range has recently launched in the uK, including elegant new washbasins with a variety of vanity unit combinations, new decors for the floor standing washbasin, new furniture elements, a rimless floor standing wc-combination and a free-standing bathtub.

In the Kartell by Laufen collections, design and technology find a dynamic balance, which produces unexpected flexible, versatile solutions. The products rely on a fresh, living language, surprising for its daring, always sustained by a concrete foundation based on research, experience and experimentation.


Clean forms and well-gauged expressive minimalism are the key traits of the new collection, now enhanced by four new built-in slim washstands, featuring a slender, elegant border with a discreet squared design. Made with fine fireclay, a hygienic and strong ceramic material, they have precise edges and smooth planar surfaces, extending to 600mm in the largest version. these washstands are available in a range of solutions complete with cabinets with large drawers.

The new entries also include two rimless floor-standing WCs, which provide an efficient, practical and hygienic solution, including a combination floorstanding solution.

The existing range of bathtubs expands with a fresh, new freestanding version, with a built-in overflow valve. Its elegant silhouette, made in Sentec, has minimal thickness like that of the washstands, and rounded ergonomic lines that form a contrast with the more austere geometric design of the other models.

The Kartell by Laufen collection also includes a new series of storage modules, columns and hanging cabinets, designed to make optimal use of space in the bathroom and to create a sense of perfect harmony between the ceramic fixtures and the furnishings. in particular, a sideboard cabinet with an extremely small depth has been created, offering an ideal solution for small bathroom spaces.

A new line of finishes expands the present chromatic range with modern hues for all tastes: matte white, gravel grey, and slate grey.

Ludovica and roberto palomba have also imagined and designed three different geometric motifs, bringing new decorative and personalised options to the surfaces of the column washstand already in the collection, thanks to the application of a coloured film prior to the final process of glazing and firing.


All the accessories and furnishings in plastic have been updated with two new colours: powder pink and emerald green. opaque white and opaque black will be available for mirrors, shelves and towel racks.

Behind all the creations of Kartell by Laufen, there is a tenacious effort to intercept and respond to the widest range of needs of a variegated, multifaceted and international public, in search of innovative, efficient and emotionally engaging solutions. thanks to this approach, Kartell by Laufen is regularly specified in major contract projects all over the world, collaborating with leading architects at the highest levels. this success has led to the continued expansion of a distribution network that now covers a total of 1,000 points of sale on a global scale.

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