Lights of Vienna at Four Seasons Casablanca

Posted in Products on 26 September, 2016

Special Custom-made Glass Rod Chandeliers in two tiers, each ring finished in polished chrome with clear and amber colored glass rods found in the Prefunction Area. These Chandeliers were developed by GA-Design London and produced by LIGHTS of VIENNA.

Special Custom-made Timber Wall Partitions with decorative glass elements lit by LED strings. The up to 4 meters high fittings have been developed by GA-Design London and show a completely different and far side of bespoke illumination produced by LIGHTS of VIENNA.

Large Custom-made Glass Chandeliers with clear crystal slightly curved rods and elevation steel wire suspensions each rod fittings. These Ballroom Light fittings have been developed by GA-Design London produced by LIGHTS of VIENNA.


The LIGHTS of VIENNA© group and trademark was established nearly three decades ago fol-lowing the completion of two major projects in Saudi Arabia. Thereafter, with our partner companies in Austria, we started to significantly extend both our product ranges and our markets. Since then, we are proud to have manufactured and supplied lighting fixtures to numerous 4 and 5-Star hotels, official buildings, private villas, palaces, luxury yachts, and other churches and mosques throughout the world.

Over the past five years our resources have been extended through our Lights of Vienna partner manufacturers based in Italy, on Murano glass items, and in Spain, on guestroom fittings. Today, our wide product range and decorative and custom-made lighting systems covers public ar-eas as well as private rooms in buildings.


LIGHTS of VIENNA’s philosophy and aim has always been to first provide consulting, planning, and development for custom-made lighting pro-jects prior to any production and delivery. Our company policy includes full support of our clients, and we provide the necessary sketches, samples, drawings, and technical solutions throughout each step of the way; in many cases even from the early start of a project. Apart from supplying our own wide range of deco-rative light fixtures, we have also successfully proceeded in custom manufacturing lighting systems for others, and we are proud to work continuously with many of the major interior de-signers worldwide. We understand ourselves as their active partner to help them in creating custom-made lighting solutions for some of the most renowned areas in the world. Until final manufacturing of orders this includes:

– Sketches & drawings upon design brief

– Provision of finish & material samples

– Submitting of first budgets

– Assistance with specifications

– Manufacturing of prototypes so required

– Production of 2D and 3D CAD & line shop drawings

– Rendering and Visuals for the design schemes and boards

With intention we are not listing any materials we work with since we do not want to restrict the designers or ourselves in the creative handling of any design work. In contrary we are always prepared to experience and use new materials and techniques – but in short: Our resources currently cover all kinds of metals, finishes, glass (clear, cut, coloured), crystals, wood, stone/ceramic, castings, resin, acrylic and fabrics. Same is with the lighting systems we use where the spectrum goes from traditional incandescent to fibre optics and LED’s.

A very wide range of materials, components & production techniques and so far we have not discovered any client’s request to be impossible to execute – except maybe on costs. Apart from LoV works in and around of Vienna, the plants in Italy and Spain, there are our LoV offices in Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia and further representatives abroad serving the design and hospitality industry.

Our group has completed on the design and development for numerous project over the past couple of years. To mention a few – we are currently producing and supplying a lot of custom-made decorative light fittings for the following prestigious projects:

– The extension of the Holy Mosque in Makkah, Saudi Arabia – our scope covers the design, devel-opment and production of more than 8000 nos. of custom-made decorative light fittings of all kinds for the extension and hundreds of huge bespoke chandeliers for the prayer halls

– The Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi / Crown Prince Wing – recently completed

– The Crown Prince Court in Abu Dhabi – recently completed

– The Four Seasons Hotel in Casablanca, Morocco – recently completed

– The Park Hyatt in Vienna, Austria – recently completed

– The Hyatt Regency in Sochi, Russia – recently completed

– The Grand Hyatt in Abu Dhabi – next to Jumeirah Etihad Towers – in progress

– The 6-Star St. Regis Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – in progress

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