Live-edge technology from Bole

Posted in Products on 29 March, 2019

In a world that is rapidly turning toward more eco-friendly solutions, Bole is a harbinger in woodworking. With their own Live-Edge technology, they are able to retain a tree’s growing shape and utilise their raw  materials to the fullest by documenting every cut and using the data to match boards from certified forests all over the world. Not only producing single-themed floors, they are also able to mix the curved and the straight by blending their original naturally curved Bolefloor with Varvage, a line of straight, variable length and width boards, creating a unique solution with accents that satisfy those with a penchant for the playful. Even though the boards could be from different parts of the world and with different dimensions, the same material, finishing and thickness along with their matching tongue and groove lets them maximise the visual effect while allowing for the fusion to be unobtrusive and natural looking.

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