Lundhs at Farris Bad Hotel, Larvik, Norway

Posted in Products on 22 April, 2020

Located in Lundhs Real Stone’s hometown of Larvik, Norway, the Farris Bad Hotel is a unique and awe-inspiring project. Positioned directly on the beachfront, the unique structure is one of finest examples of the versatility of Lundhs Real Stone.

Celebrated for its exceptional spa facilities, the Farris Bad Hotel combines wellness and contemporary Scandinavian design with simplicity and elegance. Built in 2009, Lundhs Real Stone is used throughout the entire hotel in a variety of areas. From the façade, lobby, reception and bar, to the walls, floors and surfaces of the spa and pool areas, Lundhs’ natural stones form an intrinsic part of the hotel’s aesthetic and design narrative.

Specified in a range of finishes such as satin, flamed, brushed and silk as well as the specialist hammered andsandwaterjet, all four of Lundhs Real Stone’s materials feature throughout the wellness hotel. Made possible thanks to the outstanding technical properties of the natural stone, which make it frost, heat and stain resistant, the Farris Bad Hotel is a testament to the versatility of Lundhs’ surfaces.

Able to withstand a variety of applications, Lundhs Real Stone boasts almost zero absorption, making it a suitable choice for spa and poolside areas. Different finishes can also be applied to the surface of pool surrounds to reduce friction, whilst the wet stone retains the same colour and pattern as the polished stone.

Striking a seamless balance between exceptional practical performance and natural beauty, Lundhs’ unique natural stones lend themselves perfectly to the natural setting and atmosphere of the hotel.

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