Posted in Products on 27 February, 2019

Milliken introduces a new carpet tile collection “Comfortable Concrete.” Made up of three designs “Laid Bare”, “Urban Drama” and “Urban Poetry” and in two different tile formats: 50cm square and a new 50x100cm plank or ‘slab’ format. Inspired by the enduring popularity of the concrete aesthetic, Milliken designer Helen Lloyd wanted the collection to also reference the extreme elements of our environment: sunsets and stormy skies, embracing the effects of nature through organic forms, colours, shapes and textures. Milliken’s patented digtial colour patterning technology, Millitron, enabled this biophilic element to be added to the story with softly layered patterning, natural colours and visual texture. The three designs combine to offer carpet solutions for a broad range of workplace layout requirements, such as spaces to relax and be mindful, as well as spaces to feel re-invigorated and re-energised.

Laid Bare (the signature design) takes its cue from urban concrete while Urban Drama and Urban Poetry are stylish evolutions of that core aesthetic. Concrete has a striking and contemporary visual appeal but in reality can be cold, noisy and expensive. With this in mind the collection has been designed to give the suggestion of concrete but with all the practicalities of Milliken carpet tiles, including underfoot comfort, noise absorption and ease of installation and replacement. The three designs, multiple colour-ways and two different tile formats enable a great variety of way-finding and zoning. The collection allows customers and designers to be creative with their floor plane. Using composition and the juxtaposition of different colours and formats in creative ways can create subtle transitions and surprising statement pieces.

The ‘Laid Bare’ design is the most direct representation of a concrete floor. The colour-line takes a literal interpretation of the shades of concrete with colours ranging from the lightest limestones to the darkest slates. Visual texture and design definition is achieved through Millitron digital patterning technology. Nuanced pale and matt hues offer simple elegance while softly pigmented concrete colours add warmth, tactility and a modern twist to the Laid Bare colour palette. The two tile sizes combine and connect to create a simple and elegant format.

‘Urban Drama’ draws on the natural influences of our environment in all its extreme beauty. Showcasing a palette of rich colours which reference nature, including earthy tones, rich pigments as well as cool and warm contrasts. Vivid colours are balanced by a concrete grey canvas. Urban Drama’s palette takes inspiration from different landscapes to add diversity to the biophilic theme.

The ‘Urban Poetry’ design is shaped by the effects of the elements on urban surfaces. Nature’s imperfections are embraced through time-worn textures creating diffused and softly fused pattern contours. Showcasing a new colour palette consisting of nuanced hues, ethereal tones and chalky pigments to embrace a calm and mindful mood.

Well-being is at the core of Milliken’s design ethos. Milliken Comfort Plus cushion backed carpet tiles absorb 50% more noise than hardback carpet, which in turn absorb three times as much noise as hard surface flooring. High noise levels have been shown to increase stress levels, which in turn can have a big impact on workers’ overall health and wellness. Milliken carpet tiles also have significant ergonomic benefits with a 24% reduction in muscle strain under foot compared to hardback carpet. Through its biophilic design and comfort attributes Comfortable Concrete enhances well-being, a sense of place and identity.

The carpet tiles’ backing is made from 90% recycled content cushion backing. To further reduce its environmental impact, Comfortable Concrete can be supplied with TractionBack for adhesive free installation, improving indoor air quality and reducing materials’ usage. Comfortable Concrete has 59% recycled content by total product weight. It is manufactured in a UK ISO14001 certified location using renewable sources. GuT & CRI Green Label Plus certified for indoor air quality and BRE certified. Comfortable Concrete comes with a 15 year wear guarantee.

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