MIRAGE: Not Just A Carpet

Posted in Products on 22 November, 2018

All creation begins as a game. Designer Patricia Urquiola imagined a textile product that induced optical illusions by combining geometry and colors in movement. The result is MIRAGE, the latest collection by GAN designed by Urquiola and produced using the hand-knotted technique with New Zealand wool.

MIRAGE is an atypical carpet, not only because of its irregular shape, but because it generates a special effect both in the person who contemplates it and in the space it occupies. MIRAGE does not cause indifference. “My creative search and inspiration for this piece has led me to create a fun product, with an incredible personality that undoubtedly gives character to any space”, explains Urquiola. MIRAGE is halfway between a carpet and a piece of art and, as such, it is designed to be placed on the floor or exposed on the wall.

In the mid-twentieth century, a collective of artists began to create works of art that played with geometry, lines and colors. Op-art (optical art) became one of the vanguards of the moment, because the works of this artistic current questioned the eye of the spectator. They made him or her rethink reality and maintain an active attitude. In short: play. MIRAGE transports the viewer to a similar situation.

The complexity of illusion

MIRAGE carpets are available in three color palettes: blue, orange and nude. Each one features three main colors and ten color gradients (thirty different shades in each piece in total), combined in chromatic superpositions that create an illusion of continuity. Colors are not born or die, they only combine and transform freely.

“There had to be balance and connection between the colors and geometries that had neither a beginning nor an end.” Another thing that concerned us was respecting light, both natural and artificial, and understanding how the color variations responded to light and reflected it.” says Patricia Urquiola.

Quality and craftsmanship

MIRAGE is made with New Zealand wool, a natural, high-quality fiber, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, as well as hypoallergenic and easy to care for. Each rug is unique because it is produced entirely by hand. The knowledge and techniques of the craftsmen and women that make MIRAGE, together with the creativity and innovative vision of Urquiola, result in an incredible product.

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