Posted in Products on 23 July, 2018

Providing the finishing touches to your experiential design…

Lighting design impacts how people experience a space, which is why the design team at NEOZ are dedicated to create cordless table lamps that will enhance the atmosphere created by clever interior design.

Diners today are seeking a unique experience and the ambience of your space can do more to attract them than the food itself. The quality of the light stimulates the senses and it can create a soothing, relaxed and comfortable feel. And, appealing to your clientele on an emotional level provides a direct correlation to customer loyalty and encourages repeat business.

As the pioneer and most awarded specialist in cordless lighting, NEOZ have dedicated the last 20 years to developing an LED light source in beautiful warm white with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95+. This very natural colour temperature relates directly to present an accurate colour of your food and interacts perfectly with the specific materials used in the design of your space.

With over 30 unique models to choose from, NEOZ offer a diverse range of cordless table lamps to provide the finishing touch to your experiential design and complete your theme throughout. The comprehensive range incorporates a variety of material finishes and designs in genuine brass, copper, die cast zinc-alloy, hand-made resin, wood and hand-blown glass bodies. With their own in-house design team, bespoke lamp design can also be created for your next hotel or restaurant project.

NEOZ offers a range of convenient to use chargers, available for one to 48 lamps to suit every type of commercial environment. Designed sustainably for the commercial environment, NEOZ cordless lamps are covered by a three-year warranty, all components are serviceable and replaceable for the life of the product backed by a dedicated after-sales service team.

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