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Posted in Products on 31 March, 2020

From the hotel lobby and corridors to guest rooms and ballrooms, casinos, convention centres and areas of assisted living facilities, Durkan is world-renowned as an industry leader in innovative design solutions and high style, high-performance hospitality carpet and hard surface flooring solutions. Here we take a look at some of Durkan’s new flooring ranges.



Designed by Virginia Langley for Durkan, the Ambience carpet collection is an artistic play on light and contrast with harmonious textures that dance in rhythmic patterns of shades and hues. Abstract forms of freehand line work and natural organic shapes embellish in a varied and altered style across broadloom and modular plank for hospitality interiors.

Ambience creates an inviting atmosphere of modern trends that convey an elegant fashion. The collection is featured in Definity, Durkan’s exclusive precision sculpturing broadloom technology that produces an authentic hand-tufted look with the highest definition of texture, pattern and colour ever achieved in hospitality carpet. The collection also features styles available in Durkan’s PDI (Precision Dye Injection) and CYP (Color Yarn Placement) technologies, in addition to tufted broadloom and 12in x 36in carpet tile.



Within each shift in direction is an opportunity to try something exciting and different – an opportunity to pivot and challenge norms. Environmental Shifts is a collection of designs for hospitality that playfully explores the intersection of colour and pattern in new contrasting, yet coordinating ways. From bold geometrics to soft organics, specifiers can use the full system to create custom floorscapes that break down the traditional barriers and limitations of soft surface design.

Leveraging Durkan’s innovative Synthesis technology with industry-leading Precision Dye Injection (PDI), the Environmental Shifts collection allows designers the opportunity to truly flex their creative merit and shift the direction of their landscape from first gear to fifth. With available 12in x 36in and 24in x 24in formats and near unlimited colour possibilities, each style can be tailored to any project’s aesthetic and design intent.

Synthesis is an innovative, patented breakthrough in carpet technology. Durkan’s proprietary process layers pattern with unique cut and loop textured bases to provide unprecedented 3D image quality and clarity. Durkan’s state-of-the-art PDI carpet tile program combines the best of both worlds: high-resolution pattern design and customisation with up to 12 colours and the added wear and maintenance advantages of modular flooring.



The Inherent Spontaneity carpet collection explores the intersection of design and play for hospitality. In order to stimulate their creativity, members of Durkan’s design team were prompted to get out from behind their technology and delve into a variety of exercises to break open their inherent imagination. Designs and textures within the collection were created by exploring everything from identity and politics to travel and handicrafts.

This creative research resulted in a unique collection of soft surface styles that takes a non-traditional approach and throws the rules out the window. Inherent Spontaneity offers beautiful flooring solutions for public spaces, corridors, guest rooms and other hospitality environments that are as interesting and dynamic as the occupants themselves.

The collection is featured in Definity, Durkan’s exclusive manufacturing technology which surpasses traditional luxury carpet by offering multi-level textures, more than twice the definition of traditional luxury hospitality carpet, superior performance and unmatched sustainability. Inherent Spontaneity is also featured in Precision Dye Injection (PDI) carpet tile in 12in x 36in and 24in x 24in formats.



Durkan’s Large & Local LVT collection features eight clean wood visuals with minimal graining, together with eight rustic visuals with coarse graining and a circle sawn texture. With a natural colour range and matte surface reminiscent of European hand-oiled finishes, these versatile planks are manufactured in the U.S. and well-suited for any hospitality interior, from modern to traditional. Large & Local is recommended for specification in a variety of applications, from public spaces to lobbies, restaurants, retail and more.

Large & Local features extra-wide and long planks measuring 9.25in x 59in. A selection of 16 styles, each named for a mountain gap or destination near Durkan’s resilient plant, is manufactured using 100% post-industrial recycled materials.

The commercial grade dryback resilient flooring collection boasts a 4.5mm thickness and features a 20mil wear layer and M-Force™ Ultra finish. Large & Local is also FloorScore certified.


For a generation that is constantly on the move, Durkan’s Second Home provides an ever subtle but meaningful connection with home. The LVT collection features 7.5in x 48in planks in an array of 13 wood visuals in contemporary colours that range from rich earth tones to chic greys. Manufactured in the U.S., Second Home invites end users to pull up a chair and make themselves comfortable – for dramatic public spaces, the quietest guest rooms and more.

The commercial grade resilient flooring collection is crafted in a 6mm thickness with a 20mil wear layer and M-Force™ Ultra finish to provide superior scratch, puncture and stain resistance for hospitality spaces. Featured on Durkan’s rigid click LVT platform with an attached cushion backing, Second Home helps mitigate acoustical concerns and mimics the peace and quiet found at home. The platform also provides advanced waterproofing technology and superior dimensional stability.

The nature-inspired collection is FloorScore certified and produced using 100% post-industrial recycled materials at Durkan’s North Georgia resilient plant in the city of Dalton. Second Home’s domestic production ensures and delivers industry-leading quality and ease in serviceability for hard surface flooring, while driving high-performing flooring solutions for elegant contract spaces.

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