New research suggests the design and connectivity are key to attracting Millennial hotel guests

Posted in Products on 27 November, 2018

To understand how hoteliers can win over the most competitive demographic in the hospitality sector – millennials – hotel furniture manufacturers Knightsbridge Furniture surveyed 1000 18-34 year olds to understand what they are really looking for in a hotel.

The research revealed that an overwhelming 87% of respondents cited the interior design as important when booking a hotel, with 81% identifying a ‘cool bar’ as a critical factor in their choice.

The research also highlighted the power of social media as a communication tool, with 76% professing to have shared an image of a hotel (including bar, pool, restaurant, bedroom) that they have stayed in. Furthermore it is a signifier of good taste, with 83% stating that they booked a hotel because they had seen images from someone they follow on social media. 73% check the social media feed of a hotel before booking and 1 in 3 would be put off booking altogether if a hotel had no social media presence.

A well thought out design scheme could also be part of the solution for hoteliers wanting to build a loyal following amongst the millennial generation. As whilst 82% of millennials stating a preference for experiencing a new hotel each year, a significant 42% will return for an impressive design.

Website performance was another key area of investment for hotels – more than half of millennials would be put off booking a hotel if the website was difficult to use, 49% would be put off  if they couldn’t book instantly online.

Alan Towns, CEO of Knightsbridge Furniture explained more about the research:

“We know from previous studies that the millennial generation is socially conscious, experience led and extremely connected. This research shows how this resonates though the hotel sector at every level, from the way a room is booked, the value this groups places on social media and the importance of the physical environment. Thriving hoteliers recognise the necessary investment in design, furniture and finishes to keep this audience returning. Equally important is the management of social media channels and vitally, having the best Wi-Fi in town!”

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