New Showers – Revolutionary design from AXOR

Posted in Products on 30 November, 2018

Designed in collaboration with Phoenix Design, AXOR is launching a new collection of showers boasting a revolutionary new nozzle function. Previewed for the first time globally at this year’s Sleep + Eat show, the designs will be available from January 2019.

The AXOR 250 & 300 showers feature the first retractable showerhead nozzles, which descend when in use and retract when switched off, leaving a sleek and streamlined finish. Available in two shapes, square and round, the designs comprise wall-mounted, overhead and flush alternatives. AXOR has a rich history of product development and this launch marks yet another milestone.

In addition to its innovative design, the shower will feature a new spray method called PowderRain; offering spray technology that envelops the body in a gentle cocoon of water. PowderRain is much finer than conventional shower jets, so instead of one spray outlet per nozzle, it has six fine openings that spray thousands of micro droplets with reduced noise and water usage. As an overall showering experience, it creates a sense of pure relaxation that engages all the senses.

“The shower is one of the most important amenities in a bathroom, so we understand how important it is to get it right. When developing new products, we prioritise customer experience, performance, ease-of-use and, of course, design. AXOR and hansgrohe taps and showers bring together functionality, comfort and aesthetic beauty. A combination that helps to create a new water experience”.

Jay Phillips, Director of Sales, Global Projects

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