Posted in Products on 28 April, 2020

The recent launch of the new Aqualisa Smart Quartz Collection of showers shows that Aqualisa is firmly in the driving seat for innovative shower technology. The bathroom and wet room are fast becoming an integral part of today’s smart hotel and resort technology, with intelligent technology that not only makes possible exceptional control and ease of use, but also is unrivalled for reliability and easy installation. The new Aqualisa Smart Quartz Collection ‘ticks’ all these boxes, with intuitive control, stunning good looks and an unsurpassed level of personalisation and convenience for guests.

The established Quartz name, universally respected by the shower trade, has been retained for this exciting new ‘headliner’ range.  This evolution of the original Quartz digital shower creates a new generation of showers with an exceptional level of connectivity, including breakthrough voice activation, added to its established and renowned performance quality.

Quartz was launched back in 2001 and has since become the best-selling shower in its category. The product story for this exceptional product has seen a number of style developments over the past twenty years. The latest chapter sees advanced smart technology adopting the iconic Quartz name to provide state of the art showering via a mobile app that brings Aqualisa fully into the emerging smart bathroom and wetroom environment.

Quartz technology has stood every test of time over the past nineteen years, consistently delivering the same high-performance showering experience.  Adding connectivity pushes the boundaries of smart technology and takes showering to new experiential levels. The next big thing for showering has long been to establish Wi-Fi connection, app technology and voice activation as an integral part of the showering experience – all things that come as standard with the new Smart Quartz Collection from Aqualisa.

App technology allows the guest to control the smart digital shower via WIFI, connecting through hotels WIFI networks to the Aqualisa Smart Valve (ASV) using safe and secure best practice for IoT/connected devices. It utilises the simplest on-boarding techniques possible to establish secure and robust connection with the ASV via WIFI.  It’s voice activation and personalisation of the new showers that will make it stand out against the competition. It integrates with established smart eco-systems via voice control – using Google Alexa.

The range consists of Quartz Blue, the introduction to the smart showering revolution for the new Collection, Quartz Classic, an already  proven best seller now with added smart technology and top of the range Quartz Touch, which offers the most personal showering experience yet and to which devotees of smart technology will aspire.  Every guest can activate their own personal shower requirement – created and saved on the App for the perfect, consistently repeated showering experience during their stay.

For installers, the new Smart Quartz Collection is a great proposition for new build hotel developments or hotel renovation projects, principally because the unique Aqualisa Smart Valve – the brains of the new smart collection – can be located up to 10 metres away from the shower itself, providing unbelievable flexibility in installation.

“’Alexa turn my shower on’ will quickly become a familiar command in hotels and resorts with a new Aqualisa Smart Quartz Collection shower,” says Aqualisa CEO, Colin Sykes. “The Quartz excellence established from the early two thousands has now reached new heights and will offer the most sophisticated showering experience available. It seems the most natural development to take, but we’re delighted it’s us introducing this technology,” he adds.

For more exciting news on these exceptional new showers, head for or to the Aqualisa You Tube channel where you can find all the information you could possibly need, including access to multiple application videos that explain the complete smart showering experience.

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