Not all carpet is created equal

Posted in Products on 8 October, 2019

Durability and design: two key factors for hotels to consider when selecting carpet, but do you have to sacrifice one to achieve the other?

By choosing a wool-rich axminster carpet the simple answer is no. This weaving method offers in-built durability, enhanced performance, greater colour consistency and increased design possibilities that, when combined with the qualities of wool, provide a clear alternative to man-made options.

In addition to these essential attributes, Ulster Carpets incorporates sustainability, serviceability and practicality into the design of every one of its bespoke carpets. This is only possible because of the company’s patented weaving technology, known as PSYLOTM.

A pioneering weaving system, PSYLOTM allows Ulster Carpets to offer unlimited design possibilities, without the need for a repeating pattern, and affords the designer the flexibility to incorporate additional colour, depth and texture into the design. With PSYLOTM Ulster Carpets can create flooring works of art that are tailored to your needs.

With carpet offering such a large canvas to work upon, you can make the right impression on your guests from the second they step through the door and create a continuity that takes them on a journey through your hotel. From large statement designs in a lobby and ballroom through to more subtle aesthetics in corridors and bedrooms, the only limit is your imagination and Ulster’s creative team of dynamic designers will work with you to realise your vision.

Importantly, PSYLOTM also takes full advantage of the inherent attributes of wool-rich axminster carpets. Using only the highest quality wool, the pile and back of an axminster carpet are simultaneously woven together to provide an intrinsic strength at the carpet’s core.

Wool’s natural tendency to create depth and brightness across a wide spectrum of colours has been further enhanced by the recent opening of Ulster’s state-of-the-art Dyehouse and Energy Centre. Using innovative technology, Ulster’s dyeing process provides colour consistency and ensures greater design clarity and definition.

The natural elasticity of wool also means Ulster’s carpets resist compression and recover their shape much more readily. Wool is also stain repellent and is easy to maintain with simple, regular maintenance.

From New York and Hollywood to Paris, London and Abu Dhabi, this combination of durability and design is why leading design houses choose Ulster to provide carpet solutions in many prestigious hotels, casinos and cruise ships around the world.

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