Powdertech introduces pioneering PowderLUX© collection

Posted in Products on 11 February, 2024

Leading powder coating expert brings new ‘distressed effect’ powder coating to UK specification market.

Powdertech, a specialist powder coater for architectural metals, launches PowderLUX©, a new collection of premium powder coatings that faithfully interpret glazed ceramics and burnished metals.

PowderLUX Urban Steel Finish. Top left: PowderLUX Autumn Rust Finish and top right: PowderLUX Tarnished Bronze Finish

A UK-first, PowderLUX has been developed by Powdertech for the UK and Ireland market in conjunction with long-time USA-based manufacturing partner, Maui Powderworks. Available for specification from today, the range has been introduced in response to a growing appetite for high-performance, visually appealing cladding that uses fewer resources in manufacturing and installation.

Available in over 10 different patterns and colourways, PowderLUX’s innovative composition and application process means it can accurately recreate the alluring beauty of ceramics and burnished metals.

For example, the brilliance of its glazed terracotta tile finish realises the same depth of tone and gloss of the real thing, resulting in an attractive jewel-like appearance. Likewise, PowderLUX’s selection of hyper-realistic burnished and patinated metal effects achieves authentic shades of amber rust, blue-green copper oxides, dark chocolate shades of old bronze, and bluing in steel.

Going further, as part of Powdertech’s commitment to treating every project as unique, each PowderLUX finish is created anew as it is applied and is original each time, for a realistic variation in appearance for every customer.

PowderLUX finishes are made with high-performance architectural polyester powders which maintain the highest level of protection, colour retention, and integrity. Applied to either aluminium or steel fabrications they can recreate expensive and often scarce materials in a more sustainable form.

PowderLUX© is suitable for commercial and residential facades, feature walls, or interior fit-outs. Crucially, for the first time, architects and specifiers can now forgo expensive, higher-carbon metals and ceramics with an alternative that delivers the same natural appeal. The finished fabrication is also relatively lightweight in comparison to its source material, and an efficient production process cuts long lead times to site, resulting in further savings throughout the supply chain.

Richard Besant, Director, Powdertech (Corby) Limited, said: “As a powder-coating market leader with a reputation for innovation, we noticed a gap in the market, one that could be filled by combining these visual profiles with the superior performance benefits and green gains of powder-coating. This is where PowderLUX© extends the Powdertech range of its “effect-finishes” solving one of the biggest frustrations in powder-coating: how to achieve faithful reproduction of subtly detailed materials like glazed terracotta and burnished metals, which until now haven’t been achieved. It’s a significant step forward and one which, we hope, will make specifiers and contractors alike sit up, take notice, and reappraise their cladding material choices”.

PowderLUX© meets the highest standards of quality, making it an ideal choice for architectural finishes of any size. Currently being exhibited at the Surface Design Show 2024, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the massive potential of the PowderLUX© range in person, not only appreciating the definition of the surface detail but its tactility too. Not only that, but attendees will also have a chance to find out more about Powdertech’s other collections, including the popular Evolution (Patina), Wood Finish and Satellite (Deep metallic).

To find out more about the PowderLUX© range and its innovative and unique metal finishing process, click here.

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