Riobel: luxury to be lived with

Posted in Products on 7 June, 2021

Québec, Canada is a meeting place of cultures and ideas. European avant-garde mixed with North American enterprise, imbued with a fiercely independent spirit. Québec is the home of Riobel, a brassware brand strongly established across the Atlantic and launching in selected EMEAA markets this summer.

Riobel was founded 25 years ago by a third-generation plumber, Mario Bélisle, who became frustrated with the taps he was given to fit. Many were badly designed, poorly made and difficult to install. He told his family that he could do better. They told him to go ahead.

Mario approached design from a plumber’s perspective. How could a tap be easier to fit and give better performance? Yet he had an architect’s eye for beauty and form, and from the beginning his designs had a distinctive edge. In its home market Riobel quickly established a reputation for quality, developing industry-leading valve technology to produce reliable products that are simple to install and maintain.

Today, Riobel offers a range of award-winning designs. Introducing the four new bathroom collections:


The new Parabola bathroom collection has rapidly won the hearts of design professionals, who appreciate its sculptural form and nuanced details. The unique parabolic neck emerges from a tubular body with a subtly chamfered front. A shape that pleases the eye from every angle. Refined in chrome, sophisticated in black, the Parabola is the natural focal point for a luxury bathroom.



Venty epitomises Riobel’s unique contemporary style. Sharp angles softened by organic curves, with sophisticated and delicate touches. The subtle tilt of the neck and finely pointed handle convey an elegance so often missing in modern design. Each piece in the Venty bathroom range is original and appealing, an exceptional collection to build a bathroom around.


The Paradox collection brings two opposing concepts together in perfect balance. The fusion of linear and circular forms creates a dramatic architectural style. The advanced engineering beneath makes the Paradox a perfect combination of performance and design purity. Luxury for everyday living.


The GS is an example of Riobel’s mastery of geometric forms. The tubular shape of the GS has perfect proportions, exhibited in every component from the basin mixer to the shower valve. This elegant simplicity makes the GS suitable for a wide range of design styles, from the most minimalist contemporary spaces to transitional and traditional bathrooms.

Riobel will join familiar brands Victoria + Albert baths, Perrin & Rowe and Shaws of Darwen in a new portfolio called the House of Rohl. This new entity aims to make specification easier, encouraging selection from across the brands to create unique spaces and providing long term support to clients.


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