Posted in Products on 25 January, 2021

British rug maker Riviere and renowned fabric and wallpaper house Zoffany have come together to develop the inaugural collection of six Zoffany rug designs.

Riviere were given exclusive access by Zoffany to their design archive. With such a vast selection of beautiful designs, narrowing down the collection was quite a task. Riviere have selected 6 of the most iconic designs, translating them into rugs with the signature Riviere style.

The elegance of the Riviere brand shares the ethos of understated luxury, finest materiality, traditional craftsmanship and contemporary British design.

The story began over a decade ago, supporting one another through campaigns featuring Riviere rug designs and Zoffany’s latest fabric and wallpaper collections. Our two Companies established a relationship based upon a shared mutual appreciation for luxurious contemporary design.

Riviere are excited to reveal the new collaboration of six designs perfected over the past year. Each design stands on its own as a new modern classic piece of exceptional quality. Behind each rug lies a journey through hundreds of hours of design and hand weaving.

Painstakingly hand knotted in Nepal using the finest grade Tibetan wool and Botanic silk, the collection can be customised in any colours, sizes and shapes.






An abstracted and softened zig zag design, inspired by a 1930s Japanese Shibori document from the Zoffany archive, makes its way across this Tibetan wool and silk rug. The striking pattern creates a true statement piece to enliven and create a focal point in an otherwise neutral scheme.







This seductively undulating pattern of rippling water was inspired by an original document from the Zoffany archive. Representative of the ancient Japanese art of marbling with ink on plain paper, its name translates to floating ink. It’s combination of colours and pattern induce a calming effect to transform any space to a relaxing retreat.







Tumbling blocks is a historical patchwork pattern contemporised with artistic brushstrokes. Fine shaping cubes elevate this Zoffany wallpaper creating the illusion of organic movement and irregularity. Woven with Tibetan wool and painterly silk details.







An unusual interpretation of the Zoffany monogram, jigsawed and placed to create this abstract artwork. The beauty lies in the simplicity of this Design, the minimalist pattern is highlighted with the play of pile heights and textures. Low loop Tibetan wool and silk background juxtapose raised wool and silk cut pile, meticulously hand trimmed.







Transparent clouds slightly obscure a full moon on this dramatic design, originally created using highly pigmented pastels put down in layers and then sanded to create a textural ground. Woven with a combination of textures to create delicate painterly shadows and silken highlights.







One of Zoffany’s most popular designs, lavish lotus leaves have been intricately hand-woven in 150 knot quality using a wool and silk mix. The result is a stunning design that showcases perfectly the complexity, depth of colour and beauty of hand-crafted rugs. This sophisticated design dresses any room with timeless elegance.

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