Riviere prepare to unveil some new exciting rug Designs at the 2019 edition of Decorex

Posted in Events, Products on 19 June, 2019

Each year Riviere create a small number of new Designs to be showcased at the most important British design exhibition of the interiors calendar. In fact Decorex International is the stage that Riviere have always chosen, since the beginning of their adventure over 10 years ago, to launch their latest Collections.

The event, visited by the top British and international interior designers and architects, is hosted this year at the magnificent Olympia in London.
For the occasion, Riviere will present new Designs Raku Tempest, Orissa, Octopussy Clouds, Layar, Rothko Jade and Caumont Aegean all created by Camilla and Leo Riviere and carefully hand crafted by their workshops in India and Nepal.

Decorex International will also be the occasion for the launch of Caledonia, a new collection born from the collaboration with O&A London, a creative duo of Russian architect Oleg Klodt and designer Anna Agapova. A collection of 4 different Designs (Ocean, Heather, Sound of Fingal’s Cave and Shells) reflects the deeply intimate sense of beauty that the two designers felt on their first visit to Scotland, where the images of their new wall coverings and fabrics collection took shape. Being inspired by the majestic Scottish landscape, the designers created a story that journeyed around the land of the Celts which is reflected in the four unique designs.


Layar means sail in Indonesian and the design is inspired by the weathered paintwork on the hulls of the traditional Pinisi sailing ships that used to ply their trade amongst the islands of Java, Borneo and Sulawesi. The oxidisation process reveals a beautiful sage wool background overlaid with details of fine hand spun raw silk with accents of peach and purples, all painstakingly hand knotted, trimmed and finished by our master craftsmen.

CAUMONT AEGEAN is inspired by fading parchment. Colourways have been revisited with deep blue hues of the Greek Seas. An asymmetric design woven with wool and silk which glimmers and evokes the movements of the Mediterranean. This delicately intricate design pushes the boundaries of complex weaving with attention to the finest detail.


Our signature Rothko Border Design has been revisited with stunning Jade silk details. Inspired by the outer edge of a Rothko painting, the design is created with subtle layering of shades to create the border with a striking jewel like palette featuring jade and amber hues.


ORISSA is inspired by the beautiful and intricate filigree patterns crafted by the skilled jewellery artisans of Jaipur. An antique of the future, this stunningly detailed Indian rug is painstakingly hand knotted in our workshop in Rajasthan, each unique piece takes over six months to custom dye, weave and hand finish.


Taken from the Japanese word for comfort and enjoyment, Raku is an oversized border design with a subtle graduated fade out effect. The designers, Camilla and Leo Riviere, have used the materials like paint. Seven colours are carefully hand dyed in silk to give a subtle gradient effect in the pattern, while the plain centre and outer edge is created using a special hand spun blend of Tibetan wool and silk. The combination of these two materials creates a luxurious contrast of matte wool with a gentle sheen running throughout.


A re-edit of our modern classic rug Octopussy, the new design features delicate raised damask silk details overlaid with ethereal cumulous clouds. It is painstakingly woven with finest high grade Tibetan wool and sustainably sourced Botanic silk.

Limitless OCEAN — its pattern is reminiscent of the trails left by receding waves on the wet sand. It is unpredictable, like water, taking multiple shapes and forms before returning to the choppy bosom of the ocean. The rug is part of a wider collection developed by O&A London and containing wall covering, fabrics and pieces of furniture.

RUG MAKING: Riviere rugs are entirely handmade, from the dyeing and spinning of the yarn to the weaving on the loom. Crafted by weavers in the Kathmandu Valley, whose skills have been passed down by generation after generation. Riviere uses only the finest natural yarn. Tibetan wool is renowned for its softness, durability and high lanolin content and quality while the fine Chinese silk brings a delicate lustre that enhances the design and luxury of the rug. To this Riviere has added the vision of its designers, Camilla and Leo Riviere. The result is a hand knotted contemporary rug of extraordinary beauty that will stand out in any setting to be treasured for years to come. Riviere is able to offer its portfolio of designs in a vast range of colours and in an extensive range of yarn, including Tibetan wool, pure Chinese and botanic silk. The Company also offers a fully bespoke service for completely unique, designs.


6 – 9th October 2019



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