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Posted in Products on 4 February, 2019

Schmidt proudly presents the ‘Vertical Home’, a new concept with our distinctive hallmark. It illustrates how nothing is too much trouble when it comes to challenges for ultra-personalised home living projects.

To show their commitment to their customers, no matter how far-fetched their dream, Schmidt set themselves an extraordinary challenge: to design a kitchen and wardrobe for an exceptionally demanding customer – the world-renowned mountaineer Kenton Cool. The twist was, they didn’t install these at his home in England but on the side of a mountain at an altitude of nearly 2,000 metres. And they succeeded with no compromises! Absolute proof of Schmidt’s expertise.

This technical and artistic feat is at the heart of their latest communication campaign: a dizzying 8-episode web documentary showing how they take customer service to new extremes.

A project that is completely extraordinary, which illustrates their new brand signature ‘Because you are special’. Ever since 1959, Schmidt customers have been looking for perfection and personalisation. Whether the task is to install a wardrobe under an unpromising sloping roof, a functioning kitchen in a space the size of a pocket handkerchief or a bookcase that can house a huge collection, Schmidt is able to rise to the challenge!

This high-altitude adventure is simply a more extreme version of what they do every day for their customers.

A dizzying communication concept

Appearing from nowhere, in the vastness of the blue Alpine skies, a helicopter tows a Schmidt kitchen and wardrobe along the rocky cliffs of Le Parmelan, in the Alps. The challenge seems insane! Schmidt has risen to it for its new ‘Vertical Home’ concept thanks to the high-precision expertise of its specialists.

Kenton Cool, the famous English mountaineer, is the hero of this high-altitude exploit. Steeped in good humour, this adventurer, who is no stranger to extreme conditions, does just what he does in his everyday life. Just as if he were at home, Kenton goes from the kitchen to the wardrobe, but at an altitude of nearly 2,000 metres! Everything seems simple for this athlete who is used to climbing the highest peaks.

And while this dizzying image of the ‘Vertical Home’ campaign cannot fail to make its mark on viewers, the Schmidt team itself will also never forget this stunning experience. Beyond the stress of a last-minute change of filming location and anxiety about the inclement weather that was forecast, their greatest memories will be of this extraordinary human adventure and of Kenton making them scrambled eggs while gazing down into empty space!

The filming activities have left no trace on this incomparable natural site. The environment lies at the heart of the Schmidt philosophy and the mountain has been left completely undisturbed.

An 8-episode web documentary takes viewers behind the scenes of this film, which defies the laws of gravity! Watch it at


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