Skincare from the Cotton Textile Company

Posted in Products on 8 November, 2018

More than just a shell: The skin is our biggest and functionally most versatile organ. It enfolds our body, protects us from environmental influences and mediates between the “outer” and our “inner world”.

It also carries out essential metabolic and immunologic functions, giving even more importance to adequate and continuous skin care: It is the only way to preserve its individual beauty and elasticity over long periods of time.

Every day we shower or bath and use towels to dry our skin and hair, at the Cotton Textile Company we believe that this time can be spend nourishing and treating our skin. By continuously looking at the development of towels and robes with our manufacturing partners Moeve Frottana yarns have been developed that are impregnated with Vitamin E which is then gradually released to the skin and hair over many drying cycles.

Whilst Vitamin E has many qualities including anti-oxidant and re-hydration of the skin it is not a single fix and is just one option we have that can enhance your daily cleanse or spa day. Vitamin E, which is also known as alpha tocopherol, also generates essential cell protection, which supports the skin’s regenerative processes.

At the Cotton Textile Company we are also striving to reduce our impact on the planet, while at the same time producing towels and robes that enhance spa and hydrotherapy. With this in mind we have developed a range of towels and robes that use Bamboo viscose. From its growth to being composted at end of life Bamboo is possibly the most environmentally friendly raw product available for clothing, towels and housewares. With the added benefit of its anti-macrobial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, Bamboo is a real game changer in the constant battle for eco friendly products and creating a germ free environment.

By looking at possibilities available to us in the yarn that we use, allows us to then create a towel or robe that provides many more services than just drying…we can truly reduce our impact on the planet and then by using different weaving techniques we can ensure that we create a not only luxurious products but also massage the body invigorating the circulation of lymph and blood circulation while you simply dry yourself.

In this world that demands ever more luxurious products, we believe that you have to also build in functionality, it is only by investing heavily in research and development from our raw materials to our finished products that allows the Cotton Textile Company to truly reduce our footprint on this planet and also make sure that your bath and spa experiences are as luxurious and rejuvenating as possible.

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