Posted in Products on 27 April, 2020

The bespoke, sculptural lighting collection from British brand, Cameron Design House celebrates the skill and eloquence of expert craftsmanship. With a range of unique bespoke lighting installations, designed to create a suspended statement at any desired length, the elongated chandeliers will be admired from all angles, whether switched on or off.


Created to make an impact through modular design, the buoyant bubble shaped Kuulas pendant exudes cultivated elegance with an industrial flair. The innovative light promises an engaging visual experience with light, latex and luxury. Each individually hand-blown pearl is encased within gold plated chains encapsulating the brand’s contemporary aesthetic.


A direct descendant from the beautiful Haara chandelier, the Haara Metsa developed organically to form an impressive lighting piece. The ambitious chandelier effortlessly hangs like a weeping willow, cascading down a vast 20-metre spiral staircase and popping against vivid orange shades to form a unique lighting statement. The cylindrical, hand-drawn glass lanterns made from polished brass conceal the lighting element to create a radiant lighting diffuser.


The iconic pendant light from Cameron Design House has been inspired by the tranquil, rippling lakes of Lohja in Finland. Exploring space, tranquillity and equilibrium, Lohja combines simplicity with geometry, creating the perfect balanced structural form, which offers a different view from every angle. Suspended effortlessly from the ceiling, this hanging chandelier makes for an impressive sculptural profile, which carefully cascades between beautiful, ornate, black wrought iron railings.

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