Structural – Arik Levy

Posted in Products on 6 November, 2018

With the design of Structural Arik Levy has come up with an innovative system where light, architecture and sculptural form come together. Through cubic volumes and ordered geometrical compositions flexible solutions are provided by its different versions. Structural traces spatial coordinates, connecting points of light
and joining planes that underline its architectonic character. As with almost most of Levy’s designs the system illustrates his double faceted career, industrial designer and sculptor.

Structural is inspired by the flame burning braziers used in antiquity for lighting. Arik Levy transforms them into contemporary receptacles that give off an intensive and lively Led light. The indirect lighting effect and composition of volumes provide a nuanced light though a playful game of light and shade. A timeless design that will integrate with any ambience: from contemporary to historical interiors.

For the compact wall lamps the assemblage of displaced parallelograms frames the bi-directionality of the light beam with a powerful effect. For the larger versions the wall planes are highlighted with a luminous effect that establishes an ambience of lighting inter- connections: Intimate and yet large scale. The ceiling lamps express a poetic rationalism.

Structural is available in two different colour options: cream and graphite, reflecting their architectonic lighting language.

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